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The Ontolog Community    (4)

Welcome to our "open dialog in ontology"! ... (ref. Ontolog in one slide)    (5)

ONTOLOG (a.k.a. "Ontolog Forum") is an open, international, virtual community of practice devoted to advancing the field of ontology, ontological engineering and semantic technology, and advocating their adoption into mainstream applications and international standards.    (6)

If you want to find out "What is an ontology?", this would be a good start, ... joining us would help too!    (7)

You are now at the Ontolog community's "old wiki" workspace, where our community-developed content from 2002 to 2014 are being archived and preserved. To access our "current wiki," where ongoing community transactions are documented and presented, please go to our OntologPSMW at: http://ontologforum.org    (4EXD)

News & Announcements    (W)

All Ontolog events are open. Anyone who is interested, or (better still) who may have something to contribute is welcome to join us. Kindly refer to individual event details on their respective session pages (which you can link to) below. Please make sure you are aware of our IPR policy that is applicable, though, before participating.    (MFG)

... see also:    (RER)

Discussion Forum Archives / File Workspace & Repository / Meetings & Conference Calls    (S)

Charter of Ontolog (a.k.a. the "Ontolog Forum")    (B)

Ontolog is an open, international, virtual community of practice, whose membership will:    (C)

See also: OntologCharter    (6T8)

Communities of Practice Initiatives, Projects & Programs    (F)

To add a project or initiative (after starting it in accordance with our community process), 
please contact PeterYim so he can add a bullet below with the project name, start 
a wiki homepage as well as the mailing list(s) and the shared-file directory for it. 
A project page template is available as an optional guide.    (K)

Ontolog Community Wiki    (8)

This is the ONTOLOG Community Wiki, an integral part of its Collaborative Work Environment ("CWE"). The wiki is intended for use by trusted team and community members of Projects and Communities of Practice (CoP's) for collaborative documentation. What we have here is a read-and-write web, as opposed to the ordinary web pages that you can only read from with your browser. Treat this as the restaurant napkin that you can sketch on, to share your idea with people sitting around the table. Except, this time, the wiki is your napkin, and the people you are sharing your idea with can be all around the world, sitting in front of their computers (or other computing devices) connected to the Internet; and they don't even necessarily have to be there at the same time you are sketching.    (9)

Please login (see: upper right corner, or create an account if you have not already done so) with a "WikiWord" styled user name (like "JaneDoe" or "AbrahamLincoln") for yourself before you proceed with a wiki authoring/editing session. We also recommend the use of a password (just use something simple, as this is not a secured site) so that your identity does not get spoofed too easily. After log-in, the "Edit text of this page" link will be activated at the lower-left corner of every page on the wiki. Text formatting rules for this flavor of wiki can be found at the TextFormattingRules page. For other guidelines to working with this Wiki, please read our WikiProcessGuide and WikiStyleGuide. First time users should read up on wikis at WhatIsaWiki and then play in the SandBox. If you are wondering what all that "{nid A}" is about, take a look at PurpleNumbers.    (A)

Editing of any wiki page can be done (after one has logged in) by loading that page on your browser, and then click on the "Edit text of this page" at the lower left corner of the page. Do your edits in the editing dialog box, then click on the "Save" button to update the page. Optionally, one may click on the "Preview" button to see what the new edits look like, or make an entry to "Summarize changes" to help you remember what that edit session entailed.    (LH2)

Noteworthy Events from the Past    (Z)

    Podcast of the audio archives for the recorded events below are available:  
    Subscribe to RSS feed using iTunes, Firefox (with appropriate plug-in), Podnova, 
    or other podcast/RSS compatible, sites, client apps, and browsers by clicking here.    (JKI)
    e.g. For iPod users: one can discover our content from doing a search through the Apple Podcasts (via iTunes), 
    or go straight to: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=120367007&s=143441    (JRV)

Membership    (1J)

Community Process    (1Y)

Publications & Deliverables    (23)

Resources    (29)

More about Collaborative Work Environments ("CWEs")    (2U)

Tools    (2A)

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy    (32)

CreditsAcknowledgement    (37)

AboutThisWiki    (3C)

 This particular page is maintained by PeterYim. Please do not edit the page. 
 Kindly send any addition, change, comment and suggestion to him at peter.yim@cim3.com for incorporation/discussion.    (162P)

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