NIST-Ontolog-NCOR Mini-Series: Ontology Measurement and Evaluation - Kick-off Session - Thu 19-Oct-2006    (QJR)

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This is the first event of a mini-series of talks and discussions that revolve around the topic: "Ontology Measurement and Evaluation" during which this community will explore the landscape, issues and solutions relating to the measurement, evaluation, quality and testing of ontologies.    (QUG)

This is a Joint NIST-Ontolog-NCOR initiative. A planning meeting for this mini-series took place on 22-Aug-2006, during which the scope and plans for the program was discussed among members of the community. Dr. Steven Ray, who is the Chief of NIST's Manufacturing Systems Integration Division (MSID), a long time member of the Ontolog community, as well as the convener of NCOR's Ontology Evaluation Committee, was invited to champion the program. This series is expected to last about 6 months during which invited speaker and technical discussion events will be featured (at the rate of about one event per month).    (QUH)

See also: OntologyMeasurementEvaluation (the 'project' homepage for this mini-series)    (QUI)

Agenda & Proceedings: "Ontology Measurement and Evaluation" - Mini-series Kick-off Session    (QUJ)

This session will begin with opening remarks by representatives from the co-organizers of this mini-series, Professor Barry Smith (NCOR), Mr. Peter Yim (Ontolog) and Dr. Steven Ray (NIST). Dr. Ray (program lead) will kick-off the program by giving us an overview on this "Ontology Measurement and Evaluation" series. He will then introduce our keynote speaker Dr. Christopher Welty from IBM Research, who will give a talk on: "Ontology Quality and the Semantic Web". This will be followed by a 30-minute Q & A session with the speakers and an open discussion on today's topic as well as what the community might want to hear or discuss during the rest of this series.    (QUK)

This mini-series will explore the landscape, issues and solutions relating to the measurement, evaluation, quality and testing of ontologies.    (QUL)

Keynote Presentation: "Ontology Quality and the Semantic Web"    (QUY)

One of the guiding principles of the web and its machine interpretable successor the semantic web is to "let a million flowers bloom." HTML was based on technology nearly two decades old at the time (Hypertext), for which a research community concerned mainly with Human-Computer interaction was investigating what the "right way" to use hypertext for effective communication was. The vast majority of early HTML pages completely ignored this and yet the web thrived. Still, as the web became a serious medium for dissemination, institutions for whom effective communication was critical did begin to take this research seriously and today's highly visible web pages are designed by people with experience and training on how to "do it right". The progress and evolution of the semantic web should follow the same path - the semantic web standards (RDF, OWL, and RIF) are based on decades-old technology from Knowledge Representation and Databases, and there has been for about 15 years a research community associated with this field that has studied what the "right way" to use these systems is. This field, which I will call "ontology engineering" for this talk, is concerned among other things with ontology quality and its impact.    (QV0)

In this talk I will discuss research on characterizing ontology quality and measuring the impact of quality on knowledge-based systems.    (QV1)

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 (Thanks to BobSmith and PeterYim for their help with getting the session recorded.  =ppy)    (QVL)