Mala Mehrotra    (14Y1)

Mala Mehrotra,
Pragati Synergetic Research Inc.
NASA Research Park,
Moffett Field, California, USA.

email: mm [at]    (14Y2)    (1CCW)

Mala Mehrotra is the founder and President of Pragati Synergetic Research Inc., a leading technology-provider for enabling sophisticated analysis of complex information systems to facilitate their reuse, interoperability, and quality assurance. Prior to establishing Pragati Inc. in 1993, Ms. Mehrotra performed research on validation and verification of knowledge-based systems at NASA Langley Research Center. She is currently the principal investigator on an ONR SBIR Phase II project focusing on providing automated tools for reuse and mapping support for heterogeneous data sources. Under this project she has developed Expozé, which uses Pragati’s patented clustering technology to provide domain and representation-independent cognitive-based aid for analysis of knowledge bases, ontologies, schemas, databases and stylized natural language text. Pragati is currently transitioning this technology to clients in the Intelligence Community and Air Force for providing semi-automated support for building a semantic mediation layer for various types of information sources. In the past Ms. Mehrotra has been part of DARPA’s Rapid Knowledge Formation program where she performed extensive analysis of multiply-authored knowledge based systems from Cycorp and SRI. Of late she has been also involved with various important standardization efforts such as, XMDR (Extended MetaData Registry) Standards working group and W3C’s RIF (Rule Interchange Format) working group.    (14Y3)