Marta Nagy-Rothengass    (2ND9)

Head of Technologies for Information Management (INFSO.E.2)
Information Society and Media (INFSO) Directorate-General,
European Commission    (2NDA)

Márta graduated and received doctor degree in Economics and she was awarded MBA.    (2P4O)

She has broad working experience Europe wide in business and public environment. She dealt with initiation and transaction of trade agreements, taught Business Studies, managed social association and did consultancy work. She gathered her interest on ICT while establishing "New Media" by a traditional German manufacturing company.    (2P4P)

She joined the EC in 2005 as the Head of Unit of "ICT for the Environment" in DG INFSO and developed her Unit further to "ICT for Sustainable Growth" linked to the integrated climate and energy policy. Since 2008 Márta is working as Head of Unit "Technologies for Information Management" in Luxembourg. Her Unit manages and co-funds research and development projects on innovative ICT technologies dealing with creation of intelligent digital objects and knowledge management, supporting knowledge exchange and "semantic web". Recently she and her Unit have taken the necessary steps to deal with more effective and efficient management of extremely large scale data.    (2P4Q)