OntologySummit2007: Symposium - "Ontology, Taxonomy, Folksonomy: Understanding the Distinctions"    (105B)

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Building upon the successful model of last year's UpperOntologySummit, co-sponsors from NIST, Ontolog, MITRE, NCOR, NCBO, NLM/NIH, W3C, TagCommons, Stanford-KSL and others (see: our list of co-sponsors) are initiating a second summit during the spring of 2007.    (1067)

We are convening key players in both research and applications who profess in developing or facilitating the evolution of "ontologies" and structures that help model semantics, to join us in our Ontology Summit 2007 activity to help everyone understand the distinctions between Ontology, Taxonomy, Folksonomy and all the terms in between that various communities employ to label those "ontologies" or "structures."    (1068)

The challenge, this year, put before the various constituencies and communities involved, is to clarify what everyone means when they use the term "ontology" or when they refer to these semantic structures. Our objective is to define and agree to a systematic means of categorizing the many kinds of things that fall broadly within the "ontology" spectrum. By doing so, the research, development and Internet communities would have a better way of comparing, combining and mapping ontologies to one another (apples to apples). The range of what people call "ontologies" covers folksonomies, taxonomies, thesauri, conceptual models, and formal logic-based models to name just a few flavors.    (1069)

The Ontolog Forum has initiated a vigorous online discourse on the subject matter, and has come up with promising strawman structures to characterize all of these possibilities, and more. This session culminates the three months of virtual discourse, survey, syntheses and the last two days' face-to-face workshop. We are here to deliver the broad perspectives, findings and conclusions of "Ontology Summit 2007."    (106A)

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