Anne Thessen    (3ECA)

Anne E. Thessen, PhD
Arizona State University
Arizona, USA.

email: annethessen [at]    (3ECB)

Greetings! I am an oceanographer by training, specializing in plankton ecology, algal physiology and protist taxonomy. Since 2008 I have been interested in biodiversity informatics and the Semantic Web. Right now my "go to" language is Python, but I have experience with MatLab, R, Ruby, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and C++. I've been a part of the International Census of Marine Microbes, the Encyclopedia of Life, the Data Conservancy, EarthCube and the Global Names Project. I have appointments with the Marine Biological Laboratory, Arizona State University, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science and the Ronin Institute. On top of all that I started my own business August 2013 called The Data Detektiv. Want to know more about me? See the links below!    (4494)    (4495)    (4496)    (4493)