Joint SICoP-Ontolog Scheduled Discussion session - Nov. 10, 2005    (H75)

This is a Joint SICoP-Ontolog Event, held virtually over an augmented phone conference, as well as on-site for the SICoP Meeting venue at Lockheed-Martin (Reston, VA).    (H9A)

Conference Call Details    (H7D)

Attendees    (H7R)

Agenda & Proceedings    (H7Z)

Topic: eGov-related Ontology Community Efforts: Differentiation & Synergy    (H81)

Questions, Answers & Discourse:    (H8L)

Background Materials:    (HB0)

Session Recording of this Ontology Communities Panel Discussion    (H8Y)

 (Thanks to KurtConrad and PeterYim for their help with getting the session recorded.  =ppy)    (H8Z)