Kei Cheung    (1S3D)

Kei Cheung, PhD
Associate Professor
Yale Center for Medical Informatics
New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

Email: {nid 1S3E}
url:    (1S40)

''Dr. Cheung is currently an Associate Professor at the Yale Center for Medical Informatics (YCMI), Yale University School of Medicine. He has a joint academic appointment with the Departments of Genetics and Computer Science. Prof. Cheung has earned a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, USA. Over the past 17 years, Prof. Cheung has been working closely with biomedical researchers on building databases and tools that aid in addressing a broad range of biomedical research questions. Some of the representative projects include: the Yale Microarray Database, Yale Protein Expression Database, Allele Frequency Database, and High-Throughput Sequencing Database. Prof. Cheung’s research interest involves database/tool interoperation in the context of large-scale genomic/proteomic research. Prof. Cheung’s advanced computer science background and extensive experience in building genomic/proteomic databases/tools have positioned him well in the field of bioinformatics. Prof. Cheung has recently extended his bioinformatics skills and experience to neuroinformatics. Particularly, he has been leading the Semantic Web development of SenseLab involving the conversion of several neuroscience databases of SenseLab into OWL ontologies. This Semantic Web effort has also been part of the Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (HCLSIG) activities. Currently, he is the coordinator of the BioRDF task force. Prof. Cheung has published extensively. He is also a co-editor of the book titled “Semantic Web: Revolutionizing Knowledge Discovery in the Life Sciences” published by Springer and Verlag.    (1S3F)