Peter F. Brown    (ALN)

Personal Blog at    (2QWO)

Company site at    (2QWP)

Currently on unpaid leave of absence from the European Parliament.    (1AHO)

Independent Consultant based in Los Angeles, USA - main focus area: the use of information technologies in business strategy and business transformation    (2QWQ)

Currently editor of the "Transformational Government Framework" under development by OASIS, see    (2QWR)

Since July 2009, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OASIS, the global standards consortium advancing open standards for the information society, see    (2QWS)

Until the conclusion of its work in February 2008, Chairman of the eGovernment Focus Group, of the European Standards Committee, CEN, see    (GO8)

In 2006, finished a 15-month "secondment" (UK English for "on loan" or "on detachment") to the Austrian Federal Government CIO as a senior expert, to lead a programme of work on European Union eGovernment best practices, including the development of an "eGovernment Resources Network"    (GO6)

Co-Editor of the OASIS "Reference Model for Service-Oriented Architectures", see    (RLK)

Faculty member of the XML Summer School (2004-2007) for Information and Knowledge Management track, see    (RLL)

Until 2004, Head of Information Resources Management in the European Parliament (responsible for data standards and information architecture)    (GO7)

In 2005, offered expert support for the Pan-African Parliamentary Interoperability Framework, particularly in the domain of information architecture, see    (GO9)

Author of "Information Architecture with XML" (Wiley, 2003)    (1AHQ)