The flavor of wiki we are employing here is called PurpleWiki. It is an derivative of UseModWiki with the additional support for PurpleNumbers.    (GTV)

Before editing or making contributions, please make sure you are familiar with the applicable IPR Policy and Membership policies of this community. The co-conveners reserve the right to relocate or remove such material from within this wiki (or anywhere on the CWE) if it is deemed to be in breach of such policies.    (R0H)

Getting Started with this Wiki    (GTW)

The WikiHomePage, a link of which can be found at the upper left corner of any wiki page, would generally be the first place to go. Well designed wiki's should provide further links to appropriate content from that page.    (GTX)

Viewing of wiki content can be done with almost any web browser (no password needed for "open" wiki's; username/password will be needed for "community only" wiki's).    (V3N)

To write-to (edit content of) the wiki, one will need to login (see: upper right corner), or create an account* if you have not already done so, with a "WikiWord" styled user name for yourself (like "JaneDoe" or "AbrahamLincoln") before you proceed with a wiki authoring/editing session. We also recommend the use of a password (even if it's simple) so that your identity does not get spoofed too easily. Text formatting rules for this flavor of wiki can be found at the TextFormattingRules page. For other guidelines to working with this Wiki, please read our WikiStyleGuide and WikiProcessGuide. First time users could read more about the WikiWikiWeb and then play in the SandBox.    (GTY)

[*Accessability considerations: the "create account" process employs a test mechanism to prevent spambots from acessing the edit mode; users who are vision-challenged should contact the WikiAdmin by e-mail so that authentication credentials may be created by the administrator on their behalf and sent to them.]    (V3O)

Editing of any wiki page can be done (after one has logged in) by loading that page on your browser, and then click on the "Edit text of this page" at the lower left corner of the page. Do your edits in the editing dialog box, then click on the "Save" button to update the page. Optionally, one may click on the "Preview" button to see how the new edits look like, or make an entry to "Summarize changes" to help you remember what that edit session entailed.    (V3P)

Purple Numbers    (189Q)

PurpleNumbers are a rather unique and very useful feature supported by this wiki and the CWE (collaborative work environment). Please read up on it at: PurpleNumbers    (189R)

Check RecentChanges Regularly    (GTZ)

It's good practice to click on RecentChanges regularly, to see what's changed, and possibly identify new avenues to which you can contribute. RecentChanges links are available at the top and bottom of every wiki page.    (GU0)

Wiki Page Index    (GU1)

Also at the upper left corner (alongside WikiHomePage and RecentChanges) is a link to the Page Index. The provide an alphabetized index of all pages that are in this wiki, and, hence, provide a site-map of the content of this wiki workspace. Make a note of this important resource.    (GU2)

Editing Open vs. Maintained Pages    (GU3)

Editing of content is generally open to any person in the community. Proper netiquette applies, as usual.    (GU4)

Generally, everyone is welcomed to make edits. Please refer to styles and conventions for this community at the WikiStyleGuide page. However, if a page is marked as a "Maintained Page", one should always refer updates and changes to the "owner" of that particular page.    (GU5)

Only one person can be editing a page at any one time. If there is a conflict (for example, someone actually updated the page while you had it open to add your own content), the system will indicate that. Under that situation, one may want to copy your new additions and changes (and set it aside, e.g. onto your clipboard or a tmp file), close the existing editing session and start a new one, and then add those new additions or changes in.    (GU6)

Community Process    (R0C)

Process will be discussed and adopted among the "active" [ontolog] community members from time to time. "Observers" will not have voting rights to the establishment of the community process. (ref. Sep-02 terms of referenceT    (R0D)

in the absence of [ontolog] community established process, our process will default to the current OASIS TC Process - see: (ref. Sep-02 terms of referenceT    (R0E)

System Support    (GU7)

If you run into a problem, you can contact the WikiAdmin. .. or, feel free to ask anyone in the community who are more familiar with the system and the process -- this is what collaboration is all about.    (GU8)