Matthew West    (1YJV)

Matthew co-founded Information Junction, in 2008, where he delivers consultancy in information management. He gained a BSC and PhD in Chemical Engineering and joined Shell in 1978, initially as a Refinery Technologist, but from 1987 on the computing/business interface with a particular interest in Information Management and Data Modelling. He has been a key technical contributor to ISO 15926 – "Lifecycle integration of process plant data including oil and gas production facilities" and IIDEAS (ISO 18876) - Integration of Industrial Data for Exchange, Access and Sharing, and ISO 8000 - Data Quality. He also developed a data model of Shell’s Global Downstream business.    (JVX)

Matthew is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Ontolog Forum and has been a Visiting Professor in the Keyworth Institute at the University of Leeds. He is a Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, the British Computer Society, and the Chartered Management Institute; and he is a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered IT Professional.    (JVY)

He is the author of "Developing High Quality Data Models".    (3236)

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