Topic: Ontologizing the Ontolog Body of Knowledge - Discussion Session 2    (NY6)

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This is the second panel discussion event of the series of talks and discussions the revolves around the topic: "Ontologizing the Ontolog Body of Knowledge." With this series, the Ontolog community is making an attempt to explore the "what's" and "how's" to the development of a semantically interoperable application, using the improved access to the content of Ontolog as a case in point.    (NYV)

The series is spurred by the Ontolog Community's quest toward:    (NYW)

See OntologizingOntolog for more details regarding this series of activities    (O58)

Agenda & Proceedings    (NZ2)

The ONTOLOG forum prides itself as a premier community of practice (CoP) for things related to knowledge representation and in particular ontologies and other formalized KR. While we have amassed a great deal of content in various formats (e.g., presentations, Wiki, text, pictures, podcast, and so on) the information is structured in free-form Wiki and not necessarily well categorized. Naturally, as we self-reflect a key question that often comes up is why aren’t we taking advantage of our knowledge to help improve the forum’s content and the site itself?    (O5D)

To attempt to start addressing this question, we have engaged in a series of panels, invited talks, working sessions, and email discussions. These included general architectural considerations, discussions of use cases, problems, and approaches to address the problems that the above question entails.    (O5E)

In this panel we want to investigate tools, techniques, and approaches that can help us in that task, but also that which may cover the rich spectrum of semantics that the ONTOLOG forum content covers. In particular we would look at:    (O53)

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 (Thanks to BobSmith and PeterYim for their help with getting the session recorded.  =ppy)    (NZY)