Chuck Rehberg    (2LYM)

Chief Technology Officer,
Trigent Software
Southborough, Massachusetts, USA and Bangalore, India

email: or    (2LYN)

Mr. Rehberg has over 30 years of successful product invention, development, and launch. He currently serves as the CTO of Trigent Software specializing in mission critical software development, legacy system migration and startup incubation. He also is the Chief Scientist of Semantic Insights, creating products that leverage semantics, natural language, and machine learning. Recent US patents granted include: Patent No. 7,433,858 "Rule selection engine", Patent No. 7,599,899 "Report construction method applying writing style and prose style to information of user interest", and recently approved: Patent Application No. 20070136273 "Capturing reading styles". US Patents pending include: Patent Application No. 20100010800 "Automatic Pattern Generation In Natural Language Processing" and Patent Application No. 20100063796 "Word Sense Disambiguation Using Emergent Categories".    (2XEQ)

Learn more about my work in NLP and Semantic Technologies at my blog.    (2XER)