Frank Olken    (SOZ)

 Computer Scientist
   e-mail: {nid SP0}
   telephone:  703-292-4767 (work at NSF) 510-703-2764 (cell phone) {nid 18PS}
   web: {nid 2V3E}
   twitter: {nid 2V3F}
   skype:  frankolken    (2V3G)

As of Jan. 14, 2013 I have started (again) as a Program Director in CISE/IIS/III at U.S. National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA where I am handling proposals concerned with database research, semantic web, data mining, Electronic Health Records and health data mining, graph mining and social network analyses, and some topics in Cyber Physical Systems.    (3L5F)

I have retired from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Dec. 2010. I am now consulting. My phone is 510-703-2764 (cell phone). I also twitter about NSF, semantic web technology, and data management research and technology as @frankolken on Twitter.    (2I05)

I am also involved in the QUOMOS (Quantities and Units of Measure Ontology Standard) of OASIS, with Steve Ray (CMU West) and others.    (2I06)

For the past 4 years I was a Program Director (as a detailee from LBNL) at the National Science Foundation in the Computers, Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Directorate in the Information and Intelligent Systems Division (IIS) in the Informatics and Information Integration (III) Cluster. In plain English this means that I handled proposals in data management, workflow, information integration, knowledge management, semantic web, bioinformatics, data management for science and engineering applications.    (SP1)

Prior to this I was worked on database research, statistical databases (esp. sampling), metadata repositories, and standards development (RDF schema, XML schema, and ISO/IEC 11179 Metadata Registries), etc. at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for 3 decades.    (2L5D)

My personal research interests include: semantic web, database management, graph data management and graph algorithms, statistical data management, metadata registries, bioinformatics, computational biology, metadata and XML standards development, knowledge representation, social science data libraries, social network analysis.    (SP2)

I am also concerned with the representation of measurement units in information systems and data exchanges.    (18Q3)

Finally, I am a metric zealot (favor metrication - hard metric conversion).    (SP3)

Web site:    (SP4)

I am now residing in Berkeley, CA.    (18PT)