Ontolog invited Speaker Presentation - Mr. Anders W. Tell - Thu 2005-07-14    (DVK)

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During the last few years a relatively large number of technologies for eCommerce and business integration has been suggested, developed and to a degree standardised. However most commercial trade transaction are still today executed with little to no electronic means, i.e. paper based. A key question must be raised how much "business" such technologies really include? Concerns are also being raised with regards to proposed solutions being overly complex, technological and costly, such as PKI, and that simpler pragmatic means may actually be a faster road to an efficient end.    (DWA)

The session focus on an elaboration on selected key business and legal aspects that may differentiate "business technologies" from "technologies that support business". This from the viewpoint and assumption that business mean changes in social, business, economical and legal relations.    (DWB)

Anders W. Tell ("AWT") is a consultant specialised in enterprise information system architectures and business collaborations from an integrated point of view. Assignments range from project mgmt, senior advisory roles for bank, finance, government sectors to research project reviews for EU commission.    (DWH)

AWT has academic background in mathematics and economics. Recent research activites are in the domain of business collaborations, information system and jurisprudence. Together with The Royal institute of technolology KHT and Stockholm university AWT has organised the Open ebXML laboratory and number of research activities and workshops. Special interests include business collaborations with a legal twist.    (DWI)

AWT is currently involved in standardisation in relation to eCommerce and trade facilitation, primarily UN/CEFACT. This as Swedish delegate. AWT currently holds management positions in UN/CEFACT such as Vice chair of the Techniques and Methodologies Group, chair of UN/CEFACT Architecture Group and is the project team lead for Unified Business Agreement and Contract project (UBAC) of TMG and Legal Groups of UN/CEFACT.    (DWJ)

AWT is a member of or invited expert in industry organisations such as W3C and OASIS. Previous standardisation activities includes Network Management Forum and OMG.    (DWK)

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 (Thanks to BobSmith and PeterYim for their help with getting the session recorded.  =ppy)    (DWX)