OpenOntologyRepository: Metadata Workshop-V - Tue 2012_01_17    (315O)

Topic: OOR Metadata Workshop-V: Crosswalk between OMV & CTS2, and other relevant work by the NIH/NCI-ORWG    (315P)

Session Chair: MichaelGruninger (University of Toronto)    (315Q)

Panelists from NIH/NCI ORWG:    (323D)

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Topic: OOR Metadata Workshop-V: Crosswalk between OMV & CTS2, and other relevant work by the NIH/NCI-ORWG    (323P)

Folks from the NIH/NCI-ORWG team will be presenting results from their crosswalk between OMV and CTS2 exercise, as well as other pertinent work relating to metadata.    (323Q)

In particular, see ...    (323R)

HaroldSolbrig's recent mapping of OMV to CTS2; where the results can be found at: Harold referred to an analysis Stuart Turner had done examining whether RxNorm (as specific instance of a terminology) actually has the metadata as outlined by OMV and that analysis is at:    (323S)

After the presentation from the ORWG team, we will have an open discussion to compare notes and insights on various aspects of metadata as related to their use in ontology repositories.    (327D)

SherriDeCoronado has mapped NCBO to OMV to OMV+ (the ontology representation working group's (ORWG's) ad hoc, temporary name for the version/extension to OMV), which can be found at:    (323T)

References:    (323U)

Agenda & Proceedings    (3248)

1. Meeting called to order ... opening, participants' self-introductions. (~10 min.)    (327F)

2. introduction of the panel - chair: MichaelGruninger (~5 min.)    (3249)

3. Presentation of the subject NIH/NCI-ORWG work - HaroldSolbrig (~30 min.) ... [ slides ]    (324A)

4. Additional remarks from the rest of the panel - SherriDeCoronado & BrianDavis (10~15 min.)    (324B)

5. Q & A and Open discussion (~30 min.) ... (ref. process above)    (324C)

6. Wrap-up: Announcements and Follow-up actions (where applicable) - chair: MichaelGruninger    (324D)

Transcript of the online chat during the session:    (324E)

 see raw transcript here.    (324G)
 (for better clarity, the version below is a re-organized and lightly edited chat-transcript.)
 Participants are welcome to make light edits to their own contributions as they see fit.    (324H)
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	PeterYim: Welcome to the    (32A1)
	= OpenOntologyRepository: Metadata Workshop-V - Tue 2012_01_17 =    (32A2)
	Topic: OOR Metadata Workshop-V: Crosswalk between OMV & CTS2, 
	                 and other relevant work by the NIH/NCI-ORWG    (32A3)
	Session Chair: MichaelGruninger (University of Toronto)    (32A4)
	Panelists from NIH/NCI ORWG: * HaroldSolbrig (Mayo Clinic) * SherriDeCoronado (NCI/NIH) * BrianDavis 
	(3rd Millennium / Booz Allen Hamilton)    (32A5)
	Session page:    (32A6)
	Mute control: *7 to un-mute ... *6 to mute    (32A7)
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	RickKiefer: Harold is unable to connect to vpn. Please reference this copy of the slides -    (32AL)
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	MichaelGruninger: Note that we are now on slide 21 (not 26 as Harold just said)    (32AN)
	PeterYim: @MyCoyne - please post (on this chat space) the names of people who are with you now, if 
	you please - I'll capture that into the attendees roster later.    (32AO)
	JamesOdell: OK    (32AP)
	DeanAllemang: Darn! My call just dropped. I was interested in understanding how CTS2 versions works 
	with OWL2 versioning. The call dropped while he was explaining this.    (32AQ)
	PeterYim: @Dean - hope you can call back in    (32AR)
	PeterYim: on slide#54 now    (32AS)
	PeterYim: on slide#55 [9:31am PST]    (32AT)
	DeanAllemang: I made it back in a minute later, but that was too late for this discussion    (32AU)
	PeterYim: @Dean - we'll have some time for Q&A and open discussion    (32AV)
	DeanAllemang: that's right    (32AW)
	DeanAllemang: and those versions are all related together according to the OWL2 standard?    (32AX)
	DeanAllemang: that's right    (32AY)
	DeanAllemang: even in production, that can be a problem    (32AZ)
	DeanAllemang: thanks    (32B0)
	ToddSchneider: A question: How did use of REST help?    (32B1)
	HaroldSolbrig: @Todd - identifying the resources, assigning identity, determining which 
	characteristics are key vs. accidental was one aspect.    (32B2)
	HaroldSolbrig: The second was the removal of dependencies - our earlier models had containment models    (32B3)
	ToddSchneider: Harold, thank you.    (32B4)
	HaroldSolbrig: COde systems "contained" definitions. REST made us refactor into "Class describedInVersion"    (32B5)
	HaroldSolbrig: Especially important as in the Semantic Web world, Class to ontologyVersion is n..m    (32B6)
	ToddSchneider: Harold, could you remind me of the definition of 'code system'?    (32B7)
	MyCoyne: Where do I get Sherri's presentation, please?    (32B8)
	HaroldSolbrig: Code set, classification system, thesaurus, ontology, glossary    (32B9)
	MikeBennett: With terminology you've also got the whole ISO 1087 / SBVR world of terms.    (32BA)
	HaroldSolbrig: @Todd - some people use "Ontology" to represent all of those things, but then you 
	need a different term for small "ontology"    (32BB)
	ToddSchneider: Harold, got it. Short memory span.    (32BC)
	PeterYim: @MyCoyne - Sherri doesn't have slides, she is introducing the ORWG and their work - see:    (32BD)
	ToddSchneider: Some people don't understand many things.    (32BE)
	ToddSchneider: Harold, how would you see CTS2 fitting into the OOR architecture?    (32BF)
	HaroldSolbrig: The number of things that I don't understand is infinite.    (32BG)
	ToddSchneider: Harold, you have a start - a rough metric    (32BH)
	HaroldSolbrig: CTS2 could serve as one of the REST (and, perhaps SOAP) API's to allow federation and sharing.    (32BI)
	HaroldSolbrig: The advantage being that you don't necessarily HAVE to absorb everything.    (32BJ)
	HaroldSolbrig: You can reference other catalogs elsewhere on the net.    (32BK)
	ToddSchneider: Ken, do you see using something like CTS2 as part of the workflow engine?    (32BL)
	ToddSchneider: A goal of the OOR architecture is provide a specification (in the sense that Harold described).    (32BM)
	ToddSchneider: Harold, did I understand you correctly that the CTS2 specification is not publicly 
	available yet?    (32BN)
	HaroldSolbrig: @Todd - public. Available from the OMG site or the CTS2 URL I sent. Again, a bit 
	opaque and being clarified...    (32BO)
	DeborahMacPherson: Great Presentation! Got a lot from it - thanks - need to take off for another 
	conference call.    (32BP)
	KenBaclawski: @Todd - it is not part of the workflow engine. The workflow engine is configurable so 
	it should be possible to specify CTS2 as one possible workflow.    (32BQ)
	ToddSchneider: We should consider the use of CTS2 in the OOR for terminology mediation.    (32BR)
	ToddSchneider: Harold, thank you for an excellent presentation. Have to go.    (32BS)
	HaroldSolbrig: Thanks. I'm going to have to go in about 2 minutes as well.    (32BT)
	PeterYim: great session, thanks everyone!    (32BU)
	MikeBennett: Thanks all!    (32BV)
	PeterYim: -- session ended 10:06am PST --    (32BW)
 -- end of in-session chat-transcript --    (324J)

6.1 Any Other Business:    (324K)

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6.3 Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:    (324M)

 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2012.01.17-10:27am PST
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (324T)

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