ONTOLOG Community Program Planning Session - Thu 2013-09-12    (3WRG)

Session Co-chairs: PeterYim (ONTOLOG; CIM3) & MichaelGruninger (IAOA; U of Toronto)    (3WRI)

Topic: Scheduling ONTOLOG Events for the Rest of 2013    (3WRJ)

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This session is a culmination of the community input received during the following recent community planning sessions:    (3XAN)

From the above input, a strawman program of ONTOLOG events for the rest of 2013 has been crafted; and it looks something like the following. This will provide a starting point for our deliberation during the session. We will also take the opportunity to get community input on potential panelists for each of these panel sessions.    (3X9J)

see developing Master Event Calendar at: MeetingsCalls    (3X9K)

We will aim at defining the events, fitting the above into the rest our Ontolog 2013 event calendar, and postponing some sessions till after OntologySummit2014. Hopefully, by the end of this session, we would have confirmed the content and champions for each of the virtual panel sessions (between now and end-Dec 2013), in a way that will give the community a strong and coherent program of events. We will also take the opportunity to get community input on potential panelists for each of these panel sessions, as recommendations to the session chairs.    (3XAS)

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Community Event Planning: Scheduling ONTOLOG Events for the Rest of 2013    (3XCV)

Session Format: this is a virtual session conducted over an augmented conference call    (3XCW)

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From today's discussion, our program will be like ...    (3XDW)

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	2013-09-12 GMT-08:00 [PDT]
	------    (3XOD)
	[10:15] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (3XOE)
	 = ONTOLOG Community Program Planning Session - Thu 2013-09-12 =    (3XOF)
	Session Co-chairs: Mr. PeterYim & Professor MichaelGruninger    (3XOG)
	Topic: Scheduling ONTOLOG Events for the Rest of 2013    (3XOH)
	Logistics:    (3XOI)
	* Refer to details on session page at: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2013_09_12    (3XOJ)
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	(Chat-room) Attendees: PeterYim (co-chair), MichaelGruninger (co-chair), AdamWyner, AdrianPaschke, 
	AliHashemi, AnatolyLevenchuk, BenjaminGrosof, ElieAbiLahoud, GaryBergCross, HaroldBoley, KenBaclawski, 
	LamarHenderson, MikeBennett, SimonSpero, TaraAthan, TerryLongstreth, ThomasGetgood    (3XON)
	  = Proceedings ==    (3XOO)
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	[10:31] SimonSpero: Over optimistic recruiters: 
	http://www.careerbuilder.com/JobSeeker/Jobs/JobDetails.aspx?psa=1&Job_DID=JHT5R56SVJBMBB2CQ8T&sc_extcmp=JS_JobAlert_Title&ipath=PSSKG02U    (3XOS)
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	[10:34] MikeBennett: I can only stay for the first half hour I'm afraid.    (3XOU)
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	[10:35] PeterYim: == PeterYim & MichaelGruninger starts session by providing an overview - see intro 
	slides at: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2013_09_12#nid3XCQ    (3XOY)
	[10:38] GaryBergCross: DC is in the midst of a storm so I may lose power and thus internet...    (3XOZ)
	[10:41] PeterYim: see: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2013_09_12#nid3X9K    (3XP0)
	[10:47] BenjaminGrosof: Correction: There's a typo in the calendar: it should be Thur. 12/19 not 
	Thur. 12/17. [Thanks, Benjamin ... now corrected. --ppy]    (3XP1)
	[10:39] BenjaminGrosof: wrt schedule for the RulesReasoningLP etc. miniseries: 10/17 I have a 
	probable conflict.    (3XP2)
	[10:41] BenjaminGrosof: Suggestion: therefore, how about we swap the topics of the 10/24 and 10/17 
	sessions? I.e., do RulesReasoningLP Session 1 on 10/24?    (3XP3)
	[10:54] PeterYim: [consensus] we will swap the 10/17 and 10/24 dates - so: we will now have: 
	 2013_10_24 - Thursday: RulesReasoningLP - session 1 
	 2013_10_17 - Thursday: OntologyBasedStandards - session 4 
	 //    (3XP4)
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	[11:00] MichaelGruninger: Potential date for S2. Ontology-based Standards in Geospatial Domains 
	[TaraAthan, GaryBergCross] - October 17    (3XP6)
	[10:58] ElieAbiLahoud: @ Peter, 2013_10_17 - Thursday: OntologyBasedStandards - session 4 or session 1 ?    (3XP7)
	[10:59] PeterYim: @Elie - it's "session 4" - as 3 prior sessions on this mini-series has already 
	been rolled out - see: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologyBasedStandards#nid3GIP    (3XP8)
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	[11:04] MichaelGruninger: @MikeBennett: we can't hear you    (3XPA)
	[11:05] MikeBennett: I've had to drop off for another call.    (3XPB)
	[11:05] MichaelGruninger: @MikeBennett: ok, we'll come back to you in 5 minutes?    (3XPC)
	[11:05] MikeBennett: Will remain lurking here on the chat, but not on the audio - apologies.    (3XPD)
	[11:08] MikeBennett: We are pretty flexible I think. Will have to co-ordinate with BillMcCarthy 
	also. I have a holiday penciled in for week of 24th but otherwise I'm OK.    (3XPE)
	[11:07] PeterYim: ref TaraAthan's question - the standard start-time for the Thursday sessions are 
	12:30pm EDT and it will last 1.5~2.0 hours (generally 2-Hours when we have a panel session with 
	multiple panelists)    (3XPF)
	[11:08] MichaelGruninger / KenBaclawski: S6. Ontologies for Social Networks [KenBaclawski, EricChan] 
	- propose to move to next year (after Ontology Summit)    (3XPG)
	[11:09] AdamWyner: I'd be very interested in this topic. Please put me on the list for this: S7. How 
	ontologies can help with the formal specification of the natural language standards    (3XPH)
	[11:09] AdamWyner: There is a lot going on in NL and ontologies.    (3XPI)
	[11:10] AdamWyner: Also Lemon.    (3XPJ)
	[11:10] AdamWyner: There could be some clarification of what this subject means.    (3XPK)
	[11:07] MichaelGruninger: @MikeBennett: do you have a preferred date for your session? - S4. 
	Ontology-based Financial Standards (e.g. ISO 15944, FIBO) [MikeBennett, BillMcCarthy, ElieAbiLahoud]    (3XPL)
	[11:10] MichaelGruninger: @MikeBennett: make a random choice between November 7 and December 12 :-)    (3XPM)
	[11:11] MikeBennett: @Elie do you have a preference between those dates, as you're also on the hook 
	for this one?    (3XPN)
	[11:13] ElieAbiLahoud: I suggest Nov-28 or Dec-5, what do you think ?    (3XPO)
	[11:15] MichaelGruninger: @ElieAbiLahoud: those dates are already allocated. For your session, we 
	need to decide between November 7 and December 12    (3XPP)
	[11:16] ElieAbiLahoud: @Michael, misunderstood the meaning of "between" - Semantics!    (3XPQ)
	[11:15] MikeBennett: Dec 12 is less ideal for me.    (3XPR)
	[11:16] MichaelGruninger: Ok, let's go with November 7 for S4 (Ontology-based Financial Standards)    (3XPS)
	[11:16] AdamWyner: Mention of the ACE OWL-NL input and output tool as being useful. I'd be 
	interested if there has been progress with this tool. Last time I used it, the output from an 
	ontology to NL was rather suspect. But, the intention is in the right direction.    (3XPT)
	[11:16] MikeBennett: BillMcCarthy votes for Dec 12 (via email). So let's go with that and I'll make it work.    (3XPU)
	[11:16] ElieAbiLahoud: @MikeBennett, I have no preference then, I'll adapt    (3XPV)
	[11:19] PeterYim: @MikeBennett, BillMcCarthy & ElieAbiLahoud - we already have something scheduled 
	for Dec-12 - the S7 (S7. How ontologies can help with the formal specification of the natural 
	language standards) team just reserved that date - does Nov-7 work for you guys?    (3XPW)
	[11:20] MikeBennett: Nov 7 works for me, checking again with Bill now (he had voted for 12th).    (3XPX)
	[11:27] MikeBennett: BillMcCarthy can do Nov 7 as well - so I can confirm we are all 3 on track for 
	the Nov 7 session.    (3XPY)
	[11:17] AdamWyner: Mention of some of the literature on ACE for NL to FOL representations, e.g. 
	health rules and policy.    (3XPZ)
	[11:17] SimonSpero: Adam: ERGO (med) : http://gem.med.yale.edu/ergo/    (3XQ0)
	[11:17] TaraAthan: @Adam - where do standards come in, in the case of ACE, for example?    (3XQ1)
	[11:21] AdamWyner: @Simon. Thanks. I know that paper. I did something similar for regulations. 
	Reading the details, there are significant issues to resolve in using ACE (and I'm very pro ACE).    (3XQ2)
	[11:21] AdamWyner: @Tara - I'm not clear what the phrase "How ontologies can help with the formal 
	specification of the natural language standards" means, so would appreciate the authors of the 
	phrase to clarify.    (3XQ3)
	[11:26] KenBaclawski: @Adam - Standards are nearly always specified using a document written in a 
	natural language. The term "natural language standard" in this context means "standard whose 
	definitive document is written in natural language".    (3XQ4)
	[11:34] AdamWyner: @Ken - OK. That interpretation. That is different from 'standards of natural 
	language', which seems to me another reading, but not the desired one.    (3XQ5)
	[11:20] BenjaminGrosof: wrt NL session: I too am very interested, and this is related to 
	RulesReasoningLP area.    (3XQ6)
	[11:21] BenjaminGrosof: wrt financial-area session: I too am very interested, and this is related to 
	FIBO's rules area which I co-lead.    (3XQ7)
	[11:22] BenjaminGrosof: The session dates we're talking about work for me for NL (12/12 - good) and 
	financial-area (11/17 - OK).    (3XQ8)
	[11:23] anonymous morphed into ThomasGetgood    (3XQ9)
	[11:24] AdamWyner: The NL date of 12/12 does not work for me. Conference 12/11-13.    (3XQA)
	[11:26] PeterYim: == PeterYim moderating Open discussion-II: Scheduling the RulesReasoningLP sessions    (3XQB)
	[11:26] PeterYim: see: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2013_09_12#nid3XF2    (3XQC)
	[11:35] PeterYim: BenjaminGrosof / PeterYim: a lot of the background/tutorial material can be 
	recorded offline and made available (hosted in the Ontolog archives) as "mandatory" reading for the 
	session participants    (3XQD)
	[11:39] TaraAthan: @Benjamin - that sounds fine to me.    (3XQE)
	[11:39] HaroldBoley: With input from MikeDean and all, AdrianPaschke and I could help organizing R3. 
	Common Logic, RuleML and RIF.    (3XQF)
	[11:39] BenjaminGrosof: Suggestion: RulesReasoningLP session 1 title/description: I would add ", 
	including Concepts and Foundations of Rulelog, Logic Programming and Semantic Web Rules". ... 
	[response - PeterYim: the original title actually expands to "Ontology, Rules, and Logic Programming 
	for Reasoning and Applications (RulesReasoningLP): Survey and Introduction" and the session is 
	intended to lay out the scope for the entire mini-series, survey the technology landscape, and cite 
	use cases and applications to motivate the sessions that will follow (as 
	you suggested) - maybe 
	you and Leo can deliberate on the final title when you two planning out the session in detail. ... 
	Note also, that we have had presentations on Common Logic and Rulelog in the Ontolog archives 
	already.]    (3XQG)
	[11:40] BenjaminGrosof: I would be glad to help with organizing RulesReasoningLP sessions R2-R4 as 
	well as with session R1.    (3XQH)
	[11:40] BenjaminGrosof: AdrianPaschke would be good as a co-lead for R3. Mike Dean is out on medical 
	work leave currently.    (3XQI)
	[11:41] BenjaminGrosof: A good R5 (or R6) session would be on Natural Language (NL).    (3XQJ)
	[11:43] BenjaminGrosof: wrt R3: Tara would indeed be a good panelist.    (3XQK)
	[11:44] BenjaminGrosof: wrt R1: I think it makes most sense for me to speak at R1, hence maybe not 
	be a chair of the session esp. while presenting.    (3XQL)
	[11:45] BenjaminGrosof: wrt R1 scope: cover use cases and tools as well as concepts and foundations.    (3XQM)
	[11:46] BenjaminGrosof: wrt R2: PascalHitzler would be good to ask as a panelist. I'm not sure he's 
	up for being a co-chair but we can see.    (3XQN)
	[11:49] PeterYim: Leo should contact Pascal to confirm his availability    (3XQO)
	[11:50] BenjaminGrosof: wrt R1: Henson Graves also feels that we should present use cases - incl. as 
	challenges as yet not satisfactorily solved as well as past ones already "done".    (3XQP)
	[11:51] PeterYim: HensonGraves and KenBaclawski need to touch base offline some time soon too (since 
	we weren't able to get a mutual consent from both of them here.)    (3XQQ)
	[11:52] GaryBergCross: Have to drop off call now but will check email for any updates.    (3XQR)
	[11:42] PeterYim: HensonGraves - request that we have a dedicated mailing list for RulesReasoningLP    (3XQS)
	[11:53] BenjaminGrosof: wrt R1-R4: little plan for action items is the ff. Peter, please create 
	mailing list of people, send that out to Benjamin G, Henson G, Harold B, then we'll take it from 
	there to coordinate with Leo and the other proposed session chairs/panelists.    (3XQT)
	[11:54] PeterYim: [action] Peter will create the new mailing list and auto-subscribe those who were 
	at the 7/25 brainstorm ... and invite those who we will potentially engage as panelists    (3XQU)
	[11:58] PeterYim: join us again, next Thursday Sep-19, for the OntologySummit2014 Topic Brainstorm 
	session - http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2013_09_19 - note that the session 
	will start early (see details on session page)    (3XQV)
	[11:59] AdamWyner: Thanks bye.    (3XQW)
	[11:59] PeterYim: great session - we accomplished practically everything we meant to get done at 
	this session!    (3XQX)
	[11:59] PeterYim: -- session ended: 11:58am PDT --    (3XQY)
 -- end of in-session chat-transcript --    (3XDB)

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