Second [ontolog] Face-to-Face Meeting & Workshops - Washington D.C. - July 6~9, 2004    (9XY)

Event Summaries    (9YC)

This face-to-face event shall comprise a series of meetings and workshops, which include:    (9YD)

Event #1: Workshop at the Protege Annual Conference    (9YE)

Event #2: Protege Annual Conference, proper    (9YN)

Event #3: Joint SICoP-Ontolog Meeting    (9YW)

Event #4: Meeting / Workshop with NIST    (9Z5)

Resources    (9ZE)

Snapshots    (9ZF)

Area Map    (9ZG)

BobSmith has hightlighted the locations where the above events are likely to take place on a map of the greater DC area. (thanks, Bob. --ppy/2004.05.21_11:03am PDT)    (9ZH)    (9ZI)

Personal Comments and Logistics    (9ZJ)

Preparation Work Material    (9ZP)

Protégé Workshop Proposal and Call for Participation    (9ZQ)

Protégé Workshop Planning Notes    (A0N)

SICoP-Ontolog Joint Meeting Planning Notes    (A10)