Sanjiva Nath    (1J3O)

Sanjiva Nath
zAgile, Inc.
San Francisco, California, USA.

email:    (1J3P)

Sanjiva has more than 25 years of experience in software technology and advises Silicon Valley start-ups in offshore software development strategies and overall software engineering operations. His focus has been on developing and deploying high-volume and high-transaction enterprise applications and systems on a variety of technologies and platforms. He has also successfully built and managed high-performance and scalable teams across multiple geographies for a number of technology start-ups. He co-authored two patents and has authored several books in software engineering. Prior to founding zAgile, he served as VP of Engineering at several companies including Trigo Technologies (acquired by IBM), ePit Systems (technology acquired by Hitachi), Abilizer Solutions (technology acquired by BEA), and planet U (acquired by Transora). Sanjiva holds a BS degree in Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University.    (1OUB)

About zAgile zAgile has solved one of the most long-standing and perplexing problems in the software engineering industry: the problem of integrating teams, tools, processes and knowledge in software engineering environments. zAgile products provide cohesion, collaboration, and confidence to the delivery of software projects. zAgile is the leader and pioneer of Software Information Management (SIM), the software sector dedicated to integrating and managing information associated with all phases and aspects of the software engineering lifecycle. The SIM segment is tangentially related to, but not fully addressed by: ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), Software Delivery Optimization (SDO), SCM (Software Configuration Management), Wikis, methodology and process tools, content management, and collaboration tools. ''    (1J3Q)