NASA-Ontolog-KMWG OKMDS mini-series Session-07 - Thu 08-May-2008    (1H2K)    (1HAG)

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Background    (1H3P)

This "Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support (OKMDS)" mini-series is a collaboration between NASA, Ontolog and the (US) Federal Knowledge Management Working Group (KMWG) and is co-organized by a team of individuals from various related communities passionate about creating the opportunity for an inter-community, collaborative exploration of the intersection between Ontology, Knowledge Management and Decision Support, that could eventually lead us toward "Better Decision Making."    (1H3Q)

The mini-series will span a period of about six months (Nov-2007 to May-2008), during which we will be featuring Talks, Panel Discussions and Online Discourse on pertinent issues. We expect all the talks and panel discussion events to be offered in both 'real world' (augmented conference calls) and 'virtual world' (Second Life) settings.    (1H3R)

Refer to details about this mini-series at the OKMDS project homepage at:    (1H3S)

Agenda & Proceedings: OKMDS Mini-series Launch Meeting    (1H3T)

Title: Cooperation, Human Systems Design, and Peer Production    (1H41)

Abstract:    (1H42)

Yochai Benkler will talk about the relationship between cooperation, loosely coupled systems, innovation as learning, and how we begin to approach the question of how to design systems for human cooperation based on more sophisticated models than those offered by the standard rational actor model.    (1GBO)

How do we understand the dynamics of human cooperation through work in many disciplines, from experimental economics, evolutionary biology, and computer science, to organizational sociology and anthropology? How can we synthesize this body of work into an approach to designing human systems: be they technical platforms, business processes, or law.    (1GBL)

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About the Speaker:    (1H45)

See Professor Benkler's bio and curriculum vitae at:    (1GBM)

Professor Yochai Benkler is also the author of the widely acclaimed book, The Wealth of Networks: How social production transforms markets and freedom (2006), which received the Don K. Price award from the American Political Science Association for best book on science, technology, and politics, the Donald McGannon award for best book on social and ethical relevance in communications policy research, was named best business book about the future by Stategy & Business    (1H11)

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