Matthew Horridge    (1PFF)

Matthew Horridge
Center for Bio-Medical Informatics Research (BMIR)
Stanford University

email: matthew.horridge [at]    (1PFG)

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I am based in the Bio-Medical Informatics Research Group at Stanford University where I work on Protege suite of tools, including WebProtege. My research interests centre around tools, techniques and methodologies for developing logic based ontologies, in particular ontologies written in the Web Ontology Language OWL. Over the past few years my main area of focus has been to do with all aspects of providing explanations of entailments in ontologies to end users. Prior to moving to Stanford I worked at The University of Manchester in the Bio-Health Informatics Group and the Information Management Group where I obtained my PhD under the supervision of BijanParsia and UliSattler    (1PFH)

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