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OKMDS -- a Joint NASA-Ontolog-KMWG Initiative     (1A)

What Transpired: ( 9 wonderful virtual sessions! )     (1B)

Objective & Plan     (1C)

Title: Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support (OKMDS): Making Better Decisions     (1C1)
Format: a 7-month mini-series comprising Talks, Panel Discussions and Online Discourse; with the virtual events being offered in both 'real world' (augmented conference calls) and 'virtual world' (Second Life) settings.     (1C2)

This virtual mini-series will open up dialogue and discovery at the promising intersection of Ontology and Knowledge Development and the role of both in decision support.     (1C3)

The NASA Mission of "Space Exploration" applied in its most expansive form, serves as the inspiration for this series. The need to effectively administer "knowledge space" to yield meaningful connections that are scalable and sustainable is a strategic challenge of all institutions, whether that knowledge resides primarily within, outside, or across an institution's span of control. Furthermore, the knowledge space must be integrated with institutional processes for policy making and development so that their effect on decisions is fundamental rather than incidental.     (1C4)

As the famed architect, Louis Kahn noted, "Architecture is the thoughtful making of space."     (1C5)

In this series, we'll explore how Enterprise Architecture (using Ontology and Knowledge Management) is the thoughtful making of space...a space with the tensile integrity needed by disparate institutions to create conducive conditions for emergence of the collective scientific and engineering knowledge needed for future space... where all humanity can thrive.     (1C6)

We'll explore how Ontology and Knowledge Management, working in concert, "make space" to accommodate difference at multiple levels and contexts. In this emerging space, both individuals and institutions can more easily distill knowledge from complexity and make policies and decisions using knowledge based processes.     (1C7)

In addition, we'll explore how to combine at least three scaffolding approaches for the integrated and agile "build-out" of knowledge needed: community (structured bottom-up), folksonomy (unstructured bottom-up) and ontology (structured top-down).     (1C8)

The virtual seminar and panel discussion events will be offered concurrently in a real world "space" as augmented conference calls and a virtual world "space", Second Life. NASA will provide orientation to Second Life as the mini-series gets underway.     (1C9)

Our online discourse will be cross-posted to [ontolog-forum] and [kmgov] (or dedicated sublists of them, if the traffic warrants it.)     (1C10)

Among the questions we might want to explore, are:     (1C11)

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Invited Speakers & Panelists     (1D2)

You are cordially invited to join us, as a convener !     (1E)

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