Hassan Aït-Kaci    (3KRI)

Hassan Aït-Kaci, Professor, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

email: <hak [at] acm.org> {nid 3KRJ}
       <hassan.ait-kaci [at] univ-lyon1.fr>    (3ZXK)

Hassan Aït-Kaci holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania (1984), and a Research Director Habilitation from University of Paris 7 (1990) also in CS. He was a member of research staff at MCC in Austin, TX, and at the Digital Paris Research Lab, where he contributed with the LIFE programming language. In 1994, he was appointed full professor at SFU, in Burnaby, BC, Canada, where he held a senior NSERC Industrial Research Chair. In 2000, he joined ILOG, a French multinational company specializing in developing high-performance AI, OR, and Graphics software tools. After ILOG's acquisition by IBM in February 2009, he was a Senior Member of Technical Staff at IBM Canada. Since January 2013, he is holding an ANR Chair of Excellence at the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, heading the CEDAR project (Constraint Event-Driven Automated Reasoning). Dr. Aït-Kaci has contributed to the formal design and efficient implementation of very high-level and multi-paradigm programming environments (LogIn, LeFun, LIFE), and pioneered the use of constraints for representing and processing knowledge. His interests are in automated reasoning, knowledge representation, declarative computing, and language processing.    (3ZXL)

see: http://www.hassan-ait-kaci.net/professional.html & http://www.linkedin.com/in/hak2007    (3KRK)