IAOA Panel Session - "Update on the International Association for Ontology and its Application (IAOA)" - Thu 26-May-2011    (2T72)

Topic: Update on the IAOA: From a community of practice to an international association - the specific role of the IAOA and its accomplishments so far    (2U89)

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Session title: Update on IAOA: From a community of practice to an international association - the specific role of the IAOA and its accomplishments so far    (2U9X)

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2. Interactive segment: expectations and answers - Why should I join IAOA? ( ref. process above )    (2UA7)

3. Conclusion: Summary and Follow-up (NicolaGuarino)    (2UA8)

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	[09:23] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (2VF3)
	"Update on the International Association for Ontology and its Application (IAOA)" Session - Thu 26-May-2011    (2VF4)
	Topic: Update on the IAOA: From a community of practice to an international association 
                                   - the specific role of the IAOA and its accomplishments so far    (2VF5)
	* Session Co-chairs: Dr. LeoObrst (Ontolog, MITRE) & Professor MichaelGruninger (University of Toronto)    (2VF6)
	Please refer to session details
	at: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2011_05_26    (2VF7)
	[09:21] NicolaGuarino: Hi Peter!    (2VF8)
	[09:23] PeterYim: Hi Nicola ...    (2VF9)
	[09:28] anonymous morphed into WernerKuhn    (2VFA)
	[09:30] anonymous morphed into LaureVieu    (2VFB)
	[09:32] PeterYim: Hi Ram    (2VFC)
	[09:33] anonymous morphed into FabianNeuhaus    (2VFD)
	[09:38] anonymous morphed into John Gregory    (2VFE)
	[09:31] WernerKuhn: Should I hear any sound? Sorry, this is my first time on Ontolog... Werner    (2VFF)
	[09:31] JohnBateman: @Werner: yes, you should hear stuff if you are connected to the telephone conference line    (2VFG)
	[09:34] JohnBateman: @Werner: did you find the conference line number on the 
	http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2011_05_26    (2VFH)
	[09:35] WernerKuhn: yes, found the number - if i dial it on skype, how do i enter the conference id then?    (2VFI)
	[09:36] JohnBateman: @Werner: you have give the code number in: 4389979# on the Skype keypad    (2VFJ)
	[09:36] NicolaGuarino: @werner: there is a dial option in Skype somewhere... it is under the Window menu    (2VFK)
	[09:37] LaureVieu: didn't know i could call with skype, i'll try that next to avoid high fees to my lab    (2VFL)
	[09:38] NicolaGuarino: @Laure: call the US number, most EU numbers don't work with Skype    (2VFM)
	[09:38] LaureVieu: ok thanks    (2VFN)
	[09:53] PeterYim: there are some rough edges about keying in the "conference ID" from the skype keypad 
	- if you run into problem, check this out - 
	http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?VirtualSpeakerSessionTips#nid2OR0    (2VFO)
	[09:59] PeterYim: @Werner - are you on the voice call yet?    (2VFP)
	[10:05] WernerKuhn: yes, i am connected thru a land line, thank you    (2VFQ)
	[10:05] PeterYim: Great!    (2VFR)
	[10:16] PeterYim: @Leo - the next time you speak, you might prompt people who are on the call to 
	join us at the chat-room (there are quite a few who aren't in the chat yet)    (2VFS)
	[10:20] LeoObrst: ok, will do.    (2VFT)
	[10:25] anonymous morphed into GaryBergCross    (2VFU)
	[10:29] anonymous morphed into HasanSayani    (2VFV)
	[10:30] FabianNeuhaus: [ref. OntologySummit2011_Communique] number of endorsements < number of advisory committee ???    (2VFW)
	[10:30] PeterYim: unfortunate!    (2VFX)
	[10:31] JohnBateman: @Fabian: good point; I guess not all the votes are in yet!    (2VFY)
	[10:31] PeterYim: actually we have closed the endorsement (as of May-19) already    (2VFZ)
	[10:34] FabianNeuhaus: @ Peter, John: Maybe we should revisit membership of the summit advisory committee    (2VG0)
	[10:34] HasanSayani: can't hear the speaker    (2VG1)
	[10:33] PeterYim: @Giancarlo - please speak up    (2VG2)
	[10:35] GaryBergCross: What are the mechanisms for joining a SIG like the Conceptual Modeling SIG?    (2VG3)
	[10:36] NicolaGuarino: @Gary: just send a message to the chair(s)    (2VG4)
	[10:37] LaureVieu: @Gary: join the association too!    (2VG5)
	[10:39] PeterYim: @Gary - see: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?IAOA#nid2HWG    (2VG6)
	[10:43] GiancarloGuizzardi: @Gary - please check the SIGs registration page at 
	http://ontolog.cim3.net/mailman/listinfo/iaoa-conceptual-modeling    (2VG7)
	[10:43] GiancarloGuizzardi: @Gary - please also check the previously mentioned workshop at 
	http://www.inf.ufes.br/~gguizzardi/ontocom-2011/    (2VG8)
	[10:45] RamSriram: @Michael -- How are you going to get buy in from organizations such as ISO, OMG, NCBO, etc...    (2VG9)
	[10:49] MichaelGruninger: @Ram: At this stage, we are not looking for "buy in" at an organizational 
	level. We want to focus initially at the different technical groups that are already participating 
	in ISO, OMG, etc and help facilitate and coordinate the applications of ontologies to these efforts    (2VGA)
	[11:00] anonymous morphed into DaliaVaranka    (2VGB)
	[11:01] GaryBergCross: Does IAOA have active involvement with the OOR effort? Does it support 
	building up a usable repository in some way?    (2VGC)
	[11:03] PeterYim: @Gary - you have posed a few very good questions in this chat-room ... would you 
	verbally ask them and try to get a discussion going, please?    (2VGD)
	[11:05] FabianNeuhaus: there is overlap between people involved in IAOA and OOR, e.g, 
	MichaelGruninger, JohnBateman,    (2VGE)
	[11:11] JohnBateman: @Gary: The Ontology registry and repository committee is also the structural 
	position within the association where this involvement is anchored. And, as Nicola emphasises, the 
	role is to support OOR activities in general: promoting openness.    (2VGF)
	[11:12] GaryBergCross: I seem to have trouble being heard although the tele voice says that I am 
	un-muted. But Peter is making my point on the value of IAOA having some content that might attract a 
	following.    (2VGG)
	[11:14] GaryBergCross: Connecting this to the SIGs makes sense.    (2VGH)
	[11:17] NicolaGuarino: @all: remember to renew your membership (or to join as new members)!    (2VGI)
	[11:18] PeterYim: -- session ended: 11:18am PDT --    (2VGJ)
 -- end of in-session chat-transcript --    (2UB7)

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