Jesse Wang works in Project Halo of Vulcan Inc.. Vulcan is the private asset management company for Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft,    (3B4E)

At Vulcan, Jesse leads the design and architecture and oversees the execution of many next generation semantic technology and intelligent systems, including several semantic MediaWiki related initiatives. His R&D interests include social semantic web, information retrieval/filtering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and productivity tools in general.    (3B4F)

Formerly, he worked at Microsoft and led feature development in Microsoft Office. He received his Master of Science degrees in Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence and Bachelor of Engineering in Information Processing and Intelligent Control in Tsinghua University. Jesse also holds an additional Master of Science degree in Computer Science from West Virginia University.    (3B4G)

To contact Jesse...    (4CXM)

Twitter: @aiwang
IM / Skype: jiaxinwang    (3B4H)