Brian (Bo) Newman    (IW) &    (IX)

Founder, host, and moderator of the internationally recognized Knowledge Management Forum, a virtual community of practice focused on furthering the fundamental theories, methods, and practices collectively called - Knowledge Management.    (IY)

Mr. Newman also maintains a program of independent research to establish improved models for understanding the ways knowledge is developed, stored, transferred, and used within organizations. His resent research products include; the Knowledge Management Characterization Framework (1999), Critical Alignment Path Analysis (1999), Knowledge Flow Theory and Analysis (2000, 2002), and on-going work on Long Term Knowledge Preservation.    (IZ)

Mr. Newman was the co-author of the primary postgraduate course on knowledge management fundamentals at George Washington University as well as course-work on the Knowledge Management Characterization Framework. He is a contributing author to The "Handbook of Knowledge Management" to be published in 2002. Speaking before national audiences, and through a series of publications, he strives to strengthen the theoretical foundations for the practice.    (J0)