Stefano Bertolo    (1TAR)

Stefano Bertolo, PhD
Project Officer
European Commission Information Society DG, Unit E2


DG INFSO/E2:    (1TAS)

Stefano Bertolo received (1995) a joint Philosophy Ph.D. and Cognitive Science diploma from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey with a dissertation on formal learning theory and human language acquisition. During three years as post-doctoral associate at the Brain and Cognitive Science department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology he published a book and several papers on language acquisition. In 1998 he joined Cycorp, Inc. in Austin, Texas where he developed various components of the Cyc system and managed several research and development projects at the intersection between formal knowledge representation, natural language processing and information retrieval and extraction. Since 2004 he has been working as a scientific project officer for the European Commission where he oversees the progress of several research projects in knowledge representation, extraction and inference and contributes to the definition of future EU research directions.    (1TAT)