OntologySummit2012: Pre-Symposium Session - Thu 2012-04-05    (38VL)

Summit Theme: OntologySummit2012: "Ontology for Big Systems"    (397E)

Session Topic: Pre-symposium preparation & Communique Review-II    (397F)

Session Co-chairs: MichaelGruninger, ToddSchneider & AliHashemi ... intro-slides    (397G)

OntologySummit2012_Communique Symposium Co-chairs: RamSriram & MichaelGruninger    (397H)

OntologySummit2012_Communique co-Lead Editors: ToddSchneider & AliHashemi    (397I)

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Session Topic: Organizing the 'Big' Communique    (399H)

This is our 7th Ontology Summit, a joint initiative by NIST, Ontolog, NCOR, NCBO, IAOA & NCO_NITRD with the support of our co-sponsors. The theme adopted for this Ontology Summit is: "Ontology for Big Systems." The event today is our last virtual session prior to the OntologySummit2012 (F2F) Workshop and symposium at NIST next week.    (399I)

The principal goal of the summit is to bring together and foster collaboration between the ontology community, systems community, and stakeholders of some of "big systems." Together, the summit participants will exchange ideas on how ontological analysis and ontology engineering might make a difference, when applied in these "big systems." We will aim towards producing a series of recommendations describing how ontologies can create an impact; as well as providing illustrations where these techniques have been, or could be, applied in domains such as bioinformatics, electronic health records, intelligence, the smart electrical grid, manufacturing and supply chains, earth and environmental, e-science, cyberphysical systems and e-government.    (399J)

As is traditional with the Ontology Summit series, the collective results of this extended discourse will be captured in the form of a communiqué, with expanded supporting material provided on the web.    (399K)

The goal of this session is two fold. We want to spend some time on preparing participants for and answering questions relating to the Apr. 12&13 workshop and symposium. The rest (and the bulk) of the session will be devoted to reviewing the OntologySummit2012_Communique/Draft that the co-Lead Editors have crafted (and published 4-Apr-2012), based on the inputs of all track champions and participants of last week's session. Any "request for change" to this draft received today and prior to the closing of the comment period (which is set at end-of-day tomorrow, 6-Apr-2012) will then be considered for inclusion by the Lead Editors, who will then come up with a final draft of the Communiqué that they will publish by Apr. 9, 2012, getting all of us ready for the OntologySummit2012_Symposium.    (399L)

More details about this Summit at: OntologySummit2012 (home page for the summit)    (399M)

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Ontology Summit 2012 - Pre-symposium Session    (399O)

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	[09:26] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (39OW)
	 = OntologySummit2012: pre-symposium session - Thu 2012-04-05 =    (39OX)
	Summit Theme: OntologySummit2012: "Ontology for Big Systems"    (39OY)
	Session Topic: Pre-symposium preparation & Communique Review-II    (39OZ)
	Session co-Chairs: Professor Michael Gruninger, Dr. ToddSchneider & Mr. AliHashemi    (39P0)
	Session page: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2012_04_05    (39P1)
	Mute control: *7 to un-mute ... *6 to mute    (39P2)
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	 == Proceedings: ==    (39P4)
	[09:34] anonymous1 morphed into DougFoxvog    (39P5)
	[09:34] anonymous morphed into HasanSayani    (39P6)
	[09:39] RamSriram: @Michael: Dr. Charles Romine, Director of the Information Technology Laboratory, 
	will be making the welcoming remarks.    (39P7)
	[09:44] LinePouchard: @Ram: is this Chuck Romine who used to be at ORNL a decade ago?    (39P8)
	[09:46] RamSriram: @LinePouchard: Yes. Same person. He is the director of ITL now.    (39P9)
	[09:41] ToddSchneider: Does any one have the text of the 'Fabian Rule'    (39PA)
	[09:45] PeterYim: +1 on Nicola's suggestion extending the Track 1&2 report time (Michael: we'll add 
	another 15 min.)    (39PB)
	[09:48] LeoObrst: Just joining late.    (39PC)
	[09:49] AmandaVizedom: I could volunteer to bring a K-cup coffee maker. ;-)    (39PD)
	[09:51] DougFoxvog: @Amanda: What is the value of K? 8)#    (39PE)
	[09:53] DougFoxvog: ! This system rotated part of my smiley! I'll try again. 8 )#    (39PF)
	[09:56] AmandaVizedom: [ref. Michael's request that all demo presenters should have sent him their 
	demo title and abstract] Whoops - Sorry Michael, will send.    (39PG)
	[09:50] ToddSchneider: [ref. Peter's request that slides be ready by end-of-day Monday 4/9] Peter, 
	the slides from Ali and I will be delayed.    (39PH)
	[09:55] PeterYim: @Todd, @Ali - I would assume you guys will have multiple slide deck over the two 
	days ... the last of which (though optional) would be the final presentation on the communique (i.e. 
	the communique on slides - which MichaelUschold did well on, last year, but again this is not 
	mandatory)    (39PI)
	[09:56] PeterYim: ... for that last set of slides, you'd probably not be in a position to prepare 
	them until after the day-1 sessions are through    (39PJ)
	[09:56] ToddSchneider: Peter, I would think the communique would speak for itself. But I'll look at 
	what MichaelUschold provided.    (39PK)
	[09:56] LeoObrst: where are the slides?    (39PL)
	[09:57] PeterYim: @Leo - see: 
	http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2012_04_05#nid397V    (39PM)
	[09:57] DeborahMacPherson: [ref. Michael's question on whether Deborah has a demo too] Must be a 
	different Deborah? Is it the posters    (39PN)
	[09:57] DeborahMacPherson: It must be for the posters - see http://scimaps.org would like to bring 
	some data visualizations of big systems for display    (39PO)
	[09:58] DeborahMacPherson: Thanks!    (39PP)
	[09:59] PeterYim: [ref. Peter's asking people to get registered to attend the workshop/symposium] 
	see: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2012/WorkshopRegistration    (39PQ)
	[10:00] PeterYim: list of people who have registered so far are on that page too    (39PR)
	[09:59] ToddSchneider: Nicola, will you be at the symposium (in person)?    (39PS)
	[10:03] NicolaGuarino: @Todd: yes    (39PT)
	[09:57] NicolaGuarino: Michael, where are the questions you mentioned (to be used for the 
	panelists)?    (39PU)
	[10:10] MichaelGruninger: Proposed Panel Questions: 
	        1. Why are ontologies important to the success of your work?
	        2. Can you share any specific success metrics from the application of ontologies?
	        3. How does your work fit into the Big Data picture (if at all)?
	        4. What are some of the exciting initiatives that you've seen - who should we watch and why?
	        5. What is the killer app using your work that you're hoping to see emerge over the next few years?
	        6. Why are ontologies essential for modeling systems?
	        7. Why are ontologies essential for integration / federation of systems?
	        8. How do ontologies help address Interdisciplinary Collaboration?
	        9. Has anyone quantified and is willing to share any of the costs associated with
	           the lack of ontologies in {modeling, integration, federation, collaboration}?    (39PV)
	[09:56] TerryLongstreth: @MichaelGruninger: If you're going to have each member of the panel respond 
	to each question, you should probably reduce the number of questions.    (39PW)
	[09:57] MichaelGruninger: @Terry: ok, we will prioritize the questions    (39PX)
	[10:11] MichaelGruninger: The first five or six questions will probably be the best; the remaining 
	questions can be used if we have time    (39PY)
	[10:11] NicolaGuarino: @Peter: I will be dumb, but still I am not able to see the pointer to these 
	slides in the conference call web page.    (39PZ)
	[10:11] AliHashemi: @Nicola: 
	http://ontolog.cim3.net/file/work/OntologySummit2012/OntologySummit2012_Communique/2012-04-05_draft-review/OntologySummit2012_pre-symposium-session_20120405.pdf    (39Q0)
	[10:13] PeterYim: (just repeating what I said verbally earlier) All slides and materials 
	(demo-video-clips, etc.) for the workshop & symposium (i.e. things that need to be shared with 
	on-site and remote participants) needs to be emailed to the symposium chairs and to me by end-of-day 
	Monday Apr-9 (or at least a note to say you needed more time), please    (39Q1)
	[10:13] PeterYim: slides should be in pdf format and with all slides numbered ... PLEASE!    (39Q2)
	[10:14] NicolaGuarino: @Ali: Sorry I missed whether it is fine to edit the communique directly, in 
	addition to posting comments    (39Q3)
	[10:15] AliHashemi: The google doc does not currently allow others to edit.    (39Q4)
	[10:17] NicolaGuarino: I noticed it. However it would be much easier to do (limited) changes than 
	post comments. Anyway, it's your choice.    (39Q5)
	[10:17] AliHashemi: The way it's currently set up, I am sharing a public link and anyone with a link 
	can view. I can add specific users with edit capability    (39Q6)
	[10:31] DeborahMacPherson: Bye - see you next week    (39Q7)
	[10:31] PeterYim: very productive session ... thanks!    (39Q8)
	[10:32] PeterYim: -- session ended: 10:31am PDT --    (39Q9)
 -- end of in-session chat-transcript --    (39A2)

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