David Leal    (1Q01)

CAESAR Systems Limited
London, UK.

email:   david.leal-at-caesarsystems.co.uk    (1Q02)

David Leal is the co-convener of ISO TC184/SC4's "Industrial Data on the Web" ad hoc group (along with DavidPrice.)    (200E)

He was once a developer and user of finite element analysis codes, and became involved with engineering data standardisation because of the need to archive analysis carried out as part of nuclear safety cases. He has been involved in ISO TC184/SC4 from almost its beginning, and has worked on parts relevant to engineering analysis and process plant data.    (200F)

He was editor of ISO/TS 15926-4 Reference data for process plants, which is the beginning of an ontology for process plants. He was also editor of ISO/TS 15926-3 which is an initial attempt at an ontology for geometry and topology with a scope equivalent to that of ISO 10303-42.    (200G)

Current interests include the representation of product data, and especially measurements, on the Semantic Web.    (1Q24)