Joint OOR-Ontolog Panel Discussion: "OOR Use Cases - Take-3" - Thu 01-Apr-2010    (2D14)

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At the Ontology Summit 2008, a consensus was reached on a vision of an infrastructure for the storage, retrieval and management of ontologies in a federated open ontology repository (OOR). At the summit and subsequent meetings a set of potential requirements and use cases were developed. Since that time a great deal of experimentation has taken place, and prototype OOR instances have been deployed.    (2BTW)

The purpose of the Ontology Repository Use Cases Meeting is to revisit the requirements and use cases for the OOR in light of these experiences. Those individuals and groups that wish to have an influence on the further development of the OOR are encouraged to participate in this meeting.    (2BTX)

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Abstract: I will present a review of the goals, assumptions, principles, core requirements and existing use cases and some gaps for the OOR initiative.    (2D3Y)

Abstract: The Enterprises *as* Systems Collaborative Work Environment is a microcosm of enterprise sub- and supersystem interactions; that is, integration, interoperability, cooperation and collaboration (and competition) of build-time and within and between enterprises. A description of this work environment will be presented with the OOR (SIO) being included as an integral part of its architecture and implementation. Use cases and requirements for the OOR (SIO) in this context will be presented. In addition to presenting new use cases and requirements, an attempt will be made to include use cases and requirements previously identified by the OOR community, and recent discussions concerned with integrating and sharing ontologies.    (2D02)

Abstract: One of the requirements of the OOR is to support a gatekeeping process to ensure the quality of ontologies and mappings between them. A collection of use cases was developed that focus primarily on workflow and gatekeeping. This collection was expressed as instance data for the Use Case Description Ontology (UCDO). They were based on a variety of sources including the ISO 11179 standard, the XMDR project and the Ontology Summit 2008. We will also be discussing a prototype gatekeeper that will be integrated with the OOR.    (2CZY)

Reference: An initial set of use case descriptions has been specified using an OWL2 use case description ontology and is available under the section on "Use Case Description Ontology" at:    (2CZU)

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Session Topic: "OOR Use Cases - Take-3"    (2D2Y)

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