Ontolog invited Speaker Presentation - Dr. Timothy Redmond & Mr. Peter Yim - Thu 2007.10.11    (149W)

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Title: Distributed Ontology Development with Protégé    (14E7)

One approach to ontology development is to have several domain experts concurrently editing a common ontology. For example, this approach is currently being used by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to support the development of the NCI Thesaurus which contains over 50000 concepts. NCI is using a Protégé Server, residing in Bethesda, which supplies ontology content and editors access this server to edit the Thesaurus remotely using the Protégé client. In this talk we will discuss another Protégé server that is being made available to the ontology community for collaborative ontology development. Dubbed "CODS," this server is hosted by CIM3 which provides a highly reliable and accessible infrastructure. Users accessing the Protégé Server will be able to create their own accounts, create new projects and edit shared ontologies. We will also describe a vision of the future of ontology servers which will combine tools for browsing, visualization, cross referencing and editing.    (14E9)

Dr. Timothy Redmond is the chief Protégé architect of Stanford Medical Informatics. He received a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Barbara (1980) and a Ph.D. in mathematics from Princeton University (1984). Since that time, Dr. Redmond has worked in the area of formal methods and their application to verifying the correctness and security of computer systems. He has extensive experience with formal methods including experience using systems such as HOL, InaJo and SDVS.    (14EH)

Mr. Peter Yim is the Presdient & CEO of CIM3, and a co-convener of the Ontolog Forum. He has been a pioneer and an advocate for distributed collaboration and the adoption of ontological engineering. He has more than 30 years working experience as a manager, entrepreneur, technologist, researcher, strategist and futurist. He has managed as many as 3000 people and 300 software engineers, and has built companies from scratch to $500 million in revenue. He has learnt the art and science of working effectively at almost any part of an organization -- from the executive office and corporate boardrooms, to R&D or the shop floor. He works effectively in corporate settings, academia, as well as on non-profits, education and government advisory boards.    (14EJ)

Peter graduated from Cornell University in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, and has concentrated in organizational behavior and personnel management studies at Cornell's Graduate Business School.    (14EK)

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