OntologySummit2014 session-07 Track-E: Hackathon Launch - Thu 2014-02-27    (45U6)

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This is our 9th OntologySummit, a joint initiative by Ontolog, NIST, NCOR, NCBO, IAOA & NCO_NITRD with the support of our co-sponsors.    (47Q9)

Since the beginnings of the Semantic Web, ontologies have played key roles in the design and deployment of new semantic technologies. Yet over the years, the level of collaboration between the Semantic Web and Applied Ontology communities has been much less than expected. Within Big Data applications, ontologies appear to have had little impact.    (47QA)

This year's Ontology Summit is an opportunity for building bridges between the Semantic Web, Linked Data, Big Data, and Applied Ontology communities. On the one hand, the Semantic Web, Linked Data, and Big Data communities can bring a wide array of real problems (such as performance and scalability challenges and the variety problem in Big Data) and technologies (automated reasoning tools) that can make use of ontologies. On the other hand, the Applied Ontology community can bring a large body of common reusable content (ontologies) and ontological analysis techniques. Identifying and overcoming ontology engineering bottlenecks is critical for all communities.    (47QB)

OntologySummit2014 will pose and address the primary challenges in these areas of interaction among the different communities. The Summit activities will bring together insights and methods from these different communities, synthesize new insights, and disseminate knowledge across field boundaries.    (47QC)

At the Launch Event on 16 Jan 2014, the organizing team has provided an overview of the program, and how we will be framing the discourse. At today's session (OntologySummit2014 session-07,) we will be Launching the OntologySummit2014 Hackathon program.    (47QD)

The mission of the OntologySummit2014 Hackathon is to have fun during a 1-day long international hacking event exploring hacking solutions that span both paradigm and technology gaps between the Big Data, Semantic Web, Application Ontology domains.    (47QE)

In particular, we are looking for projects that will bridge (i) the structured data gap (tables vs triples vs exotic specialized data structures vs text), (ii) schema reusability gap (ad hoc schemas vs ontology), and (iii) the hybrid reasoning gap ("statistical reasoning" vs "axiomatic reasoning"). We particularly encourage projects that cross a minimum of two (ideally three) of these themes, but hackathon teams from all areas of applied or theoretical ontologies are welcomed!    (47QF)

This session begins with an introduction to the OntologySummit Hackathon activities, and what is being planned for this year's Hackathon. After that, Leaders of the Hackathon Projects that have been proposed will brief us on their projects - their goals and expected results, tools and datasets involved, solicitation for participants they are looking for to join them during the day of the Hackathon (Sat 2014.03.29), and the skills and background reading that would be pertinent for potential participants.    (47QG)

The briefings will be followed by a open Q&A and Discussion segment, when the entire community will chime is, making suggestions for additional projects, elaborating and enhancing proposed projects, as well as teaming up in preparation for the Mar-29 (Saturday) Hackathon Day.    (47QH)

See developing details of the OntologySummit2014 Hackathon at: OntologySummit2014_Hackathon    (47QI)

See more details about the overall Summit at: OntologySummit2014 (homepage for this summit)    (47QJ)

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OntologySummit2014 session-07 OntologySummit2014 Hackathon Launch    (47QL)

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	2014-02-27 GMT-08:00 [PST]
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	[9:13] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (47UY)
	 = OntologySummit2014 session-07 Track-E: Hackathon Launch - Thu 2014-02-27 =    (47UZ)
	Summit Theme: OntologySummit2014: "Big Data and Semantic Web Meet Applied Ontology"    (47V0)
	Session Topic: OntologySummit2014 Hackathon Launch    (47V1)
	Session Co-chairs: Mr. AnatolyLevenchuk (TechInvestLab) & Mr. DanBrickley (Google)    (47V2)
	Panelists / Briefings:    (47V3)
	* Mr. VictorAgroskin (TechInvestLab) - "Reference data for Anime and Manga: Semantic Linking and Publishing of Diverse Data-Sets"    (47V4)
	* Mr. MikeBennett (EDM Council) (in absentia) & Dr. GaryBergCross (SOCoP) - "Ontology Design Patterns and Semantic Abstractions in Ontology Integration"    (47V5)
	* Dr. VictorChernov (NitrosData) - "Optimized SPARQL performance management via native API"    (47V6)
	* Professor Dr. TillMossakowski & Dr. OliverKutz (University of Magdeburg) - "Ontohub consolidation"    (47V7)
	* Professor KenBaclawski (Northeastern University) - "Semantic Annotation of the Ontolog Community Environment"    (47V8)
	* Dr. AmandaVizedom (Ind. Consultant) - "An ontological catalogue of ontology and metadata vocabulary characteristics relevant to suitability for semantic web and big data applications"    (47V9)
	Logistics:    (47VA)
	* Refer to details on session page at: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2014_02_27    (47VB)
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	Attendees: AlexShkotin, AmandaVizedom, AnatolyLevenchuk, AndreaWesterinen, AnneThessen, 
	BartGajderowicz, BobbinTeegarden, CarolBean, ChristophLange, DanBrickley, DennisWisnosky, EarlGlynn, 
	EdBernot, FrankOlken, GaryBergCross, KenBaclawski, LamarHenderson, LeoObrst, LesMorgan, MarkFox, 
	MichaelGruninger, MikeDean, NancyWiegand, OliverKutz, PeterYim, RaviSharma, SimonSpero, 
	TillMossakowski, TimFinin, ToddSchneider, VictorAgroskin, VictorChernov, VitRudovich    (47VG)
	 == Proceedings ==    (47VH)
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	[9:32] DennisWisnosky: HI!    (47VL)
	[9:32] PeterYim: Hi Dennis    (47VM)
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	[9:38] AnatolyLevenchuk: Ontology Summit Hackathon main page: 
	http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2014_Hackathon    (47VO)
	[9:38] PeterYim: == AnatolyLevenchuk starts the session on behalf of the Track-E co-champions - see 
	slides under: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2014_02_27#nid47PW    (47VP)
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	- [9:40] DanBrickley: As ever, I can't see the slides    (47VR)
	- [9:41] AmandaVizedom: Dan, can you not download them from the wiki and view along? (that is how 
	many of us do it, rather than the vnc)    (47VS)
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	- [9:47] PeterYim: ... on slide#5 now    (47VU)
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	[9:49] AmandaVizedom: Related to what AnatolyLevenchuk is saying now about advertising the 
	individual projects and soliciting additional participants: If anyone wants such messages to be 
	broadcast via @OntologySummit on Twitter and/or +Ontology Summit on Google+, it is easily done. Send 
	content to me if you want the message to originate from those accounts, or post from your own 
	account and tag or mention those accounts, and I will Retweet /Share automatically. Relatedly, those 
	of us with our own accounts can help by Retweeting / sharing in turn.    (47VW)
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	[9:53] PeterYim: == VictorAgroskin presenting the "Reference data for Anime and Manga: Semantic 
	Linking and Publishing of Diverse Data-Sets" hackathon project ...    (47VY)
	[9:53] DanBrickley: 
	OntologySummit2014_Hackathon-Launch_Anime-Manga-Dataset-Semantics--VictorAgroskin_20140227.pdf    (47VZ)
	- [9:53] anonymous morphed into BobbinTeegarden    (47W0)
	[9:56] SimonSpero: There is a slight problem with committing to a 4-D extensional ontology for this 
	application.    (47W1)
	[9:58] AmandaVizedom: Question for VictorAgroskin - have you looked at the existing ontological 
	representations of conceptual works, publication, media, and related areas? Is your goal to model 
	these things specifically using the constructs and tools you use to model engineering systems, 
	rather than the constructs and tools that have grown up around these areas natively?    (47W2)
	[10:02] AmandaVizedom: re: my [9:58], Victor's slides 5 and 6 answered my question. Thanks.    (47W3)
	[9:58] SimonSpero: sticking to things that are 4-D relevant, the fictional character "Doraemon" 
	began in 1969 (has temporal extent)    (47W4)
	[9:59] SimonSpero: In the fictional world, the character was created in the future.    (47W5)
	[10:17] VictorAgroskin: we're also accustomed to work with possible worlds, so spacio-temporal 
	extent of Mikey in 2017 is not a problem    (47W6)
	[10:31] SimonSpero: @VictorAgroskin: do you treat fictitious characters in the real world as 
	supervening over all physical supports (including bits of the brain thinking about that character)?    (47W7)
	[10:39] VictorAgroskin: @SimonSpero There are no fictitious characters in the real world (if you 
	mean by the "real" the one we're in and will eventually be). However identical the world appears to 
	our world, the world of Tolstoy is an alternative reality.    (47W8)
	[10:44] VictorAgroskin: @SimonSpero relation between the brain of the engineer and a skyscraper is 
	not different in this sense from relation between Lucas brain and Yoda.    (47W9)
	[10:02] AndreaWesterinen: @SimonSpero [9:59] Certainly context comes into play here. The context of 
	the creative work, versus the context portrayed in the work.    (47WA)
	[10:06] SimonSpero: @AndreaWesterinen : The issue is the extensionality and the use of 4D vs 3+1; 
	what is the location in space of the fictional character in the real world right now.    (47WB)
	[10:12] AndreaWesterinen: @SimonSpero I agree that this is not just 4-D but 4-D in context (5-D), 
	kind of like quad stores, versus triple stores.    (47WC)
	[10:20] VictorAgroskin: there is a big problem in 4D extensionalism with "information" entities - 
	strings, texts, bit streams. The modelling prescribed by ISO 15926 for these is very confusing for 
	people who see it for the first time.    (47WD)
	[10:22] VictorAgroskin: As for the context in possible worlds - it can be defined in a simple way. 
	Just declare each possible world one (big) individual and describe all its heroes as 4D parts of it.    (47WE)
	[10:26] AndreaWesterinen: @VictorAgroskin [10:22] Agree, that was my point. :-)    (47WF)
	[10:02] PeterYim: @VictorAgroskin, ... (excuse me for a very basic question) does "Dublin Core" show 
	up anywhere in this project?    (47WG)
	[10:28] VictorAgroskin: @PeterYim I'll prefer to use 4D modelling for as many concepts as possible. 
	For example, I'll prefer to model Creator as a participant in Creation activity together with a 
	Creation each playing (being classified) by a corresponding role. What is good in our pattern 
	methodology - we can describe the same n-ary relation in several way - with ISO 15926 templates, or 
	with RDF predicates defined by DublinCore.    (47WH)
	- [10:02] PeterYim: ... on slide#7 now    (47WI)
	[10:02] DanBrickley: (this is nice. I put a manga example into 
	https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DBpedia#Examples a couple of years ago, by coincidence)    (47WJ)
	[10:02] SimonSpero: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-schemabibex/2013Dec/0001.html    (47WK)
	[10:04] SimonSpero: http://new.livestream.com/hugeinc/events/2474611    (47WL)
	[10:04] SimonSpero: [Peter Olson of Marvel: "Marvel Entertainment's Peter Olson talk about how 
	Marvel uses graph theory and the emerging NoSQL space to understand, model and ultimately represent 
	the uncanny Marvel Universe."    (47WM)
	[10:06] PeterYim: == GaryBergCross presenting the "Ontology Design Patterns and Semantic 
	Abstractions in Ontology Integration" hackathon project ...    (47WN)
	[10:06] DanBrickley: slides 
	OntologySummit2014_Hackathon-Launch_ODP--MikeBennett-GaryBergCross_20140227.pdf    (47WO)
	[10:10] AnneThessen: Regarding GaryBergCross Slide #4: would also be interesting to include crime 
	and illness rates for different neighborhoods once the accident data are in place.    (47WP)
	[10:14] AnneThessen: GaryBergCross, Slide #11: Could also ask which places/neighborhoods are risky 
	to live in    (47WQ)
	[10:16] GaryBergCross: @Anne Both of your suggestions sound like exciting possibilities...Thanks. 
	can you suggest references and perhaps people who might be interested in participating?    (47WR)
	[10:16] RaviSharma: Fantastic as well from GaryBergCross and MikeBennett, Great attempt at building 
	real life risk model using Ontology and SPARQL etc. for traffic and accident and design patterns.    (47WS)
	[10:14] AnatolyLevenchuk: @GaryBergCross -- outcomes should include some kind of artifacts.    (47WT)
	[10:18] GaryBergCross: @Anatoly The artifact includes a new ODP and it might include triplified data 
	and SPARQL for asking relevant Qs.    (47WU)
	[10:14] PeterYim: == VictorChernov presenting the "Optimized SPARQL performance management via 
	native API" hackathon project ...    (47WV)
	[10:15] DanBrickley: 
	OntologySummit2014_Hackathon-Launch_SPARQL-Peformance-Benchmarking--VictorChernov_20140227.pdf    (47WW)
	[10:21] PeterYim: @VictorChernov, what is the approximate size of the datasets (or subsets) do you 
	think you will be benchmarking with?    (47WX)
	[10:23] VictorChernov: 'cause we are going to run benchmark on a simple desktop computer we need to 
	limit the subset by approximately 100 mln triples    (47WY)
	[10:22] PeterYim: == OliverKutz presenting the "Ontohub consolidation" hackathon project ...    (47WZ)
	- [10:24] anonymous morphed into LamarHenderson    (47X0)
	[10:27] PeterYim: == KenBaclawski presenting the "Semantic Annotation of the Ontolog Community 
	Environment" hackathon project ...    (47X1)
	[10:42] NancyWiegand: @Baclawski, Is there a programming language involved in changing from the 
	current wiki to the purple semantic media wiki, or how is the translation done?    (47X2)
	[10:50] KenBaclawski: @[10:42] NancyWiegand: MediaWiki uses PHP, and this is the language that is 
	normally used for wiki development and migration. However, there is a ReSTful web service interface 
	that allows one to interact with the wiki using any language. I have successfully used Java for the 
	last Ontology Summit.    (47X3)
	[10:34] PeterYim: == AmandaVizedom presenting the "An ontological catalogue of ontology and metadata 
	vocabulary characteristics relevant to suitability for semantic web and big data applications" 
	hackathon project ...    (47X4)
	[10:37] AndreaWesterinen: @AmandaVizedom This ontology development is one of the goals of Track A.    (47X5)
	[10:38] GaryBergCross: @Amanda What do you see the relevance, if any, of OMV Ontology Metadata 
	Vocabulary?    (47X6)
	- [10:40] PeterYim: ... on slide#4 now    (47X7)
	[10:42] PeterYim: @AmandaVizedom ... the OOR team has spent quite a bit of effort studying what is 
	relevant metadata that needs to be captured for an ontology (effort lead by MichaelGruninger) ... 
	that's not quite for vocabulary, though ... but definitely worth pooling that effort (and folks 
	involved) and lessons learned there - ref. 
	http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OOR/ConferenceCall_2013_10_08#nid3YDE    (47X8)
	[10:42] GaryBergCross: @Andrea and @Amanda I would add to Andrea's comment that "This ontology 
	development is one of the goals of Track A." that the development of your catalog would help reuse, 
	so in a way it is a tool.    (47X9)
	[10:44] RaviSharma: Amanda - thanks for a very comprehensive preparation for Hackathon.    (47XA)
	[10:44] PeterYim: == open Q&A and Discussion segment (ALL) ... please make suggestions for 
	additional projects; merging projects; elaborations, enhancement, extension to proposed projects, as 
	well as teaming up in preparation for the Mar-29 (Saturday) Hackathon Day    (47XB)
	[10:45] AndreaWesterinen: @AmandaVizedom Perhaps we could use the ontology to annotate an existing 
	ontology in OOR??    (47XC)
	[10:46] DanBrickley: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OpenOntologyRepository    (47XD)
	[10:46] PeterYim: and http://oor.net    (47XE)
	- [10:48] DanBrickley: (PeterYim, how do we remove people from the chat tool queue once they've 
	spoken?)    (47XF)
	- [10:48] DanBrickley: (thanks)    (47XG)
	[10:49] PeterYim: @Dan and All, the "hand button" toggles the raised hand ... therefore, anyone who 
	raised his/her hand can lower it afterwards    (47XH)
	- [10:50] PeterYim: @Dan, you can click on the "hand on the left of the green-highlighted name" ... 
	that should remove the raised hand too    (47XI)
	- [10:50] DanBrickley: I successfully clicked RaviSharma away; RaviSharma you're next!    (47XJ)
	[10:49] MichaelGruninger: @Amanda: are you trying to use metadata to describe an ontology together 
	with metadata to describe an application, and then using this to match suitable ontologies to 
	applications?    (47XK)
	[10:49] SimonSpero: @VictorAgroskin: This is a remarkably useful book, despite the title : very much 
	about reasons to include abstract objects in ones ontology - 
	http://www.amazon.com/Fiction-Metaphysics-Cambridge-Studies-Philosophy/dp/0521065216    (47XL)
	[10:56] VictorAgroskin: @SimonSpero Thanks, I'll look at it.    (47XM)
	[10:50] BartGajderowicz: @AmandaVizedom would it make sense to look at the structured data each 
	application uses, as it's already tagged with columns, etc? This could be tied to ontological 
	concepts in relevant ontologies on the web.    (47XN)
	- [10:51] DanBrickley: any more speakers for the audio queue? please click the 'raise hand' icon.    (47XO)
	[10:51] AndreaWesterinen: @AmandaVizedom We could possibly use "example" annotations in the 
	developed ontology. And, as you say, capture "relevance" in annotations.    (47XP)
	[10:58] AndreaWesterinen: @MichaelGruninger, AmandaVizedom I would think that we could bring in 
	Ontology Metadata Vocabulary (at least portions of it) and other ontologies/concepts (SKOS, Dublin 
	Core, ...), and then use an "integrating" ontology/.owl file.    (47XQ)
	[11:01] AmandaVizedom: @AndreaWesternin: Yes, I agree that we may well want to separate our focused 
	catalogue & its alignment to existing ontologies & concepts.    (47XR)
	[11:01] AndreaWesterinen: Building on my previous comment [10:58], we would then not only define 
	data for reuse but also use ODPs and approaches for reuse.    (47XS)
	[10:53] PeterYim: @OliverKutz, @TillMossakowski, does Ontohub already mandate the capture of 
	Ontology metadata (e.g. conforming to OMV) prior to an ontology submission?    (47XT)
	[10:56] TillMossakowski: @Peter: yes, it does, at least the web interface does (via git, this is hard to ensure...).    (47XU)
	[10:58] PeterYim: @Till ... thank you    (47XV)
	- [10:59] DanBrickley: (I'm about to be kicked from my meeting room...)    (47XW)
	- [11:00] PeterYim: @DanBrickley ... noted, we'll (read: Anatoly) keep things moving (if we don't hear from you)    (47XX)
	[10:00] PeterYim: @VictorAgroskin, I am trying to reach out to some people in the anime & manga 
	domain, in the US and in Japan, to see if they can team up some effort and join you    (47XY)
	[10:59] VitRudovich: @VictorAgroskin: How do you went to work with otaku?    (47XZ)
	[11:01] PeterYim: [ref. AnatolyLevenchuk's comment that we should look beyond the "Ontology" box] well said, Anatoly!    (47Y0)
	[10:59] DanBrickley: Very much agree with what Anatoly is saying; ontologies are most useful when 
	attention goes also to the data, hybrid reasoning, stats etc.    (47Y1)
	[11:05] MichaelGruninger: I think that the hackathon project proposals look great! I don't see a 
	need to have the participants change the scope of their projects    (47Y2)
	[11:01] DanBrickley: I think each of the projects has plenty of potential, I'm not worried on that aspect.    (47Y3)
	[11:07] MichaelGruninger: There also seems to be good alignment between the projects and the work 
	that is being done in the other Tracks    (47Y4)
	[11:07] PeterYim: I agree with MichaelGruninger's (verbal) comment that the projects as proposed are 
	good as they are ... the challenge would still be in gathering the mix of people to join each of the 
	hackathon project    (47Y5)
	[11:03] VictorAgroskin: @VitRudovich I'm working along this one for years. He is chairing our 
	meeting here by a strange coincidence.    (47Y6)
	[11:04] VictorAgroskin: But when I came to work with him - he wasn't an otaku.    (47Y7)
	[11:04] AnatolyLevenchuk: @VitRudovich, you are an example of our otaku relations management :-)    (47Y8)
	[11:06] VitRudovich: @VictorAgroskin The question is about the slide 8. Are additional anime experts 
	 (without ontology knowledge) needed?    (47Y9)
	[11:09] VictorAgroskin: @VitRudovich I had not met a single real expert yet except Anatoly who is 
	teaching me bits and pieces about the meaning of a teardrop on the cheek or something    (47YA)
	[11:04] DanBrickley: Peter, can you wrap us up?    (47YB)
	[11:06] DanBrickley: (lost audio now but still reading)    (47YC)
	[11:07] DanBrickley: re Anime, for dataset, Freebase has quite a lot: 
	http://www.freebase.com/base/animemanga    (47YD)
	[11:10] SimonSpero: @DanBrickley: also http://myanimelist.net/modules.php?go=api    (47YE)
	[11:07] DanBrickley: see https://developers.google.com/freebase/data for RDF dumps    (47YF)
	[11:05] GaryBergCross: Anatoly - You mentioned engineering risk as one possible topic for the ODP 
	integration project dealing with risk and accidents. Please send me refs to work if you can.    (47YG)
	[11:08] AndreaWesterinen: @GaryBergCross I know that there is a http://www.WikiCrime.org link for 
	crimes in Brazil (there was a presentation on this at STIDS 2012). There are other tools that exist 
	for getting crime data, but I have not used them ( http://www.crimereports.com ).    (47YH)
	[11:09] DanBrickley: for crime, http://www.ucrdatatool.gov/ 
	http://www.google.com/publicdata/explore?ds=b1tlmra7lb7a9_    (47YI)
	[11:11] AndreaWesterinen: @DanBrickley [11:09] Thanks. I know that there is lots of data. I listed a 
	few that I had heard about (by no means an endorsement of their quality).    (47YJ)
	[11:11] AmandaVizedom: A comment just came in via twitter about project 3 (benchmarking). 
	@OntologySummit responded by encouraging participation: "All projects open for improvement! Please 
	consider joining in. Teams will evolve projects collaboratively, learn from each other."    (47YK)
	[11:12] DanBrickley: :)    (47YL)
	[11:13] GaryBergCross: I agree that the core team should have spent time getting familiar with each 
	others as well as the topic and tools.    (47YM)
	[11:13] DanBrickley: ok folks I have to run again. One more week of meetings/flights/hotels and I'll 
	be back at my desk and hopefully able to engage a bit more with project specifics...    (47YN)
	[11:17] PeterYim: AnatolyLevenchuk: project leads will be taking their projects forward from here on 
	... let's continue to communicate (and possibly coordinate) via the [ontology-summit] list ... but 
	each project lead shall be championing their own hackathon project (advertise, recruit, setup 
	infrastructure, setup schedule etc.)    (47YO)
	[11:17] OliverKutz: fine for us.    (47YP)
	[11:17] GaryBergCross: Yep the responsibility is clear...and actually underway..    (47YQ)
	[11:14] GaryBergCross: Should we advertize on https://www.hackerleague.org/hackathons ???    (47YR)
	[11:15] GaryBergCross: Hackathon hero also advertises events...http://www.hackathonhero.com/    (47YS)
	[11:19] BartGajderowicz: Many semantic web groups on http://meetup.com    (47YT)
	[11:18] AmandaVizedom: @GaryBergCross Good idea. There is also at least one hackathon twitter-feed 
	miner; if you tweet anything with #hackathon it will grab it. I can't remember which site the 
	collected things end up, though.    (47YU)
	[11:18] GaryBergCross: I expect him to set up a page.    (47YV)
	[11:19] PeterYim: AnatolyLevenchuk: I will set up a link to each project page from the main 
	Hackathon page    (47YW)
	[11:19] GaryBergCross: We will populate our page once he creates it..    (47YX)
	[11:07] GaryBergCross: Note - Session 2 of Track A is next Thursday...    (47YY)
	[11:22] PeterYim: Please mark you calendars and reserve this time, every Thursday, for the 
	OntologySummit2014 virtual panel session series. ... In particular, Session-08 will be up next 
	Thursday - Thu 2014.03.06 (same time) - OntologySummit2014: "Track A: Use and Reuse of Semantic 
	Content - II" - see developing details at: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2014_03_06    (47YZ)
	[11:18] EdBernot: Thanks all. Great stuff!    (47Z0)
	[11:19] PeterYim: great session!    (47Z1)
	[11:19] GaryBergCross: Bye...    (47Z2)
	[11:22] PeterYim: -- session ended: 11:20 am PST --    (47Z3)
 -- end of in-session chat-transcript --    (47QX)

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