About Me:    (3BCZ)

William Smith works for Vulcan Inc. in research and development creating applications utilizing emerging Semantic Web technologies. Current work includes Semantic MediaWiki Plus, semantic application framework development, and integration of neurobiology data sets. William joined Vulcan in 2010 working on Semantic Web applications, and has spent over 10 years developing web frameworks across many different industries.    (3BDG)

Accomplishments:    (3BD0)

William has been active in developing web frameworks including early versions of MVC php platforms, Rails core components and extensions, JavaScript design patterns, and integrating these technologies into emerging fields. William has designed early MMS media delivery systems for 3G services, royalty payment tracking systems for record labels, and content ingestion systems for Getty Images and Flickr.    (3BD1)

http://www.linkedin.com/in/tmyk4wsmith    (3BD2)