Joshua Lieberman, Ph.D.    (IFS)

Principal, Traverse Technologies, Cambridge, MA
tel:+1 (617) 297-2113    (IFR)

Josh Lieberman has worked with geospatial information systems for 25 years. Trained as an earth scientist, he spent more than a decade in academe and the environmental science industry before devoting himself full time to enterprise geospatial and Web enablement.    (IFJ)

As vice-president of information architecture at Syncline, Inc., Josh worked on the design of the company¬ís two major geospatial products, Mapciti and Mapaccess, as well as leading a series of engagements with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). These engagements included Open Web Services test beds, specification development (e.g. Web Map Server, Web Feature Server, Styled Layer Descriptor), as well as several pilot projects including CIPI-2, in which Syncline built the first WebBAS prototype.    (IFK)

Josh has continued to serve as coordinating architect for a number of OGC initiatives and specification activities, such as the OGC "Interoperability Experiment" extending OGC specifications towards Geospatial Semantic Web capabilities, as well as the CGDI Web Feature Server and GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilotd .    (IFT)

Josh received an A.B. from Dartmouth College and PHD from the University of Washington.    (IFL)