[ontolog] Scheduled Discussion session - October 20, 2005    (FP6)

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Attendees    (FPR)

Agenda & Proceedings    (FQ1)

Topic: Semantic Web Service Ontology Standard    (FQ4)

We intend to bring together a good cross-section of top researchers and practitioners in the Semantic Web Service Ontology space, both in the panel and among the participants for this session. We will invite our panelists to open the discussion by familiarizing everyone with the different (and possibly still divergent) perspectives and approaches being taken on the subject matter -- OWL-S, WSMO, WSDL-S and SWSF/FLOWS ... etc., and then make a collective attempt to make some sense of the current state of affairs, and possibly suggest where things should be heading.    (FQ5)

The key initiatives that we will be talking about, will include (as mentioned above, but not limited to):    (GWN)

o OWL-S - Web Ontology Language for Services    (GWO)

o WSMO - Web Service Modeling Ontology    (GWP)

o WSDL-S - Web Services (Description Language) Semantics, &    (GWQ)

o SWSF/FLOWS - Semantic Web Services Framework / First-oder Logic Ontology for Web Services    (GWR)

Questions, Answers & Discourse:    (GUH)

Session Recording of this Panel Discussion    (FQQ)

 (Thanks to KurtConrad and PeterYim for their help with getting the session recorded.  =ppy)    (FQR)