James Bryce Clark    (G2R)

Jamie Clark is the General Counsel of OASIS, the largest international open standards consortium for e-business. Previously, he served as its Director of Standards for 5 years. OASIS is the host organization for over 70 global expert technical committees across a wide range of Internet topics including security, SOA, e-commerce, knowledge managament and e-government.    (1ACE)

Clark is an e-commerce and information technology attorney who served as chairman of the American Bar Association's business law subcommittee on electronic commerce for two terms and its first e-privacy committee. He began his practice as a financing and corporate restructuring lawyer on Wall Street in New York, and shifted into work with high technology companies in the late 1990's. Prior to joining OASIS, he was vice president and general counsel of a e-commerce consultancy, one of the earliest HIPAA privacy & security experts, and a corporate partner in a Los Angeles law firm.    (1ACF)

While a practicing attorney, he was a contributor to the original ebXML project (now ISO 15000), co-editor of its business process standards in 2001, and chairman of that project's Joint Coordinating Committee. Clark also has served as US delegate to the UN's electronic commerce law treaty & model law panel (UNCITRAL, WG IV) since 2000; on interoperability policy boards for OECD and the Kantara Initiative; and on the ISO/IEC/ITU MoU global management group for e-commerce standards since 2003. He also was a member of the original ANSI/HL7 readiness panel to design open standards criteria for the US HITSP e-health project), and is active on four technical panels for the US SGIP project for open SmartGrid standards.    (1ACG)

Clark holds JD and BSc degrees from the University of Minnesota, and is based in Los Angeles.    (1ACH)

http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesbryceclark http://www.oasis-open.org/who/staff.php#clark http://twitter.com/JamieXML    (G2T)

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