James Masters    (1D73)

James Masters, PhD
TopQuadrant, Inc.

e-mail: masterschip-at-gmail.com    (1D74)

Currently, I am an Ontologist at TopQuadrant, Inc.    (1J3M)

Prior to that, I was a Senior Product Manager at AWARE Software, Inc. where I lead a group of ontologists and work with requirements engineers to build formal models of software systems in an ontology implemented in a relational database.    (1D75)

Previously, I worked for six and a half years as an Ontologist at Cycorp, Inc., the developers of the Cyc knowledge base and artificial intelligence. At Cycorp, I was the lead ontologist in the development of the Semantic Knowledge Source technology, or SKSI. I designed the subset of CycL used to model the logical and physical schemas for object-relational databases in the Cyc knowledge base, which enables Cyc to translate queries from CycL into SQL, submit the queries to the appropriate database, retrieve the results, and translate them back into well formed CycL terms and sentences. Ontologists and knowledge engineers can use this vocabulary to integrate databases with the Cyc knowledge base.    (1D76)

In addition to my work on SKSI, I developed numerous extensions to Cyc's ontology in the areas of geography, geodesy, coordinate systems, geospatial and qualitative spatial reasoning, geometry, topology, and classical (Newtonian) physics.    (1D77)

I earned a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Virginia, with specialties in the control theory of hyperbolic partial differential equations,, and competence in functional analysis, real and complex analysis, probability, topology, and geometry.    (1D78)

My primary interests are the application of ontologies to enable efficient data integration, build formal models of mathematics, especially geometry, coordinate systems and transformations, spatio-temporal logics, and topology.    (1D79)

For more information about me, see my public profile at LinkedIn.    (1D7A)