OntologySummit2009 Panel Session - "Ontology Community Perspectives Toward Ontology-based Standards" - Thu 12-Mar-2009    (1TS8)

Subject: The Ontological Perspective -- What do ontologies have to offer?    (1UP1)

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1. Opening by session Chair (MichaelGruninger)    (1UES)

2. Briefings from Panelists -- BarrySmith, EdBarkmeyer, BillMcCarthy, NicolaGuarino , ConradBock,    (1UOY)

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 PeterYim: Welcome to the OntologySummit2009 Panel Session - "Ontology Community Perspectives Toward Ontology-based Standards" - Thu 12-Mar-2009    (1V8R)
 Subject: The Ontological Perspective -- What do ontologies have to offer?    (1V8S)
 * Session Chair: Professor MichaelGruninger (ISO 18629 PSL; University of Toronto) -- "What Can Ontologies Offer?"    (1V8T)
 * Panelists:    (1U74)
  o Professor BarrySmith (State University of New York at Buffalo) -- "How To Organize the World of Ontologies" 
  o Mr. EdBarkmeyer (National Institute of Standards and Technology) -- "Use of Ontologies in Standards" 
  o Professor BillMcCarthy (Michigan State University)-- "Ontology-driven Standards: The Natural Tension"
  o Mr. ConradBock (National Institute of Standards and Technology)-- "Ontologies in Standards: Content and Languages"
 Please refer to details on the session page
 at: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2009_03_12 
 .    (1V8U)
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 DeborahMacPherson: Fantastic talk Ed. Hit the nail on the head.    (1V92)
 EdBarkmeyer: Bill is absolutely right.  Standards is more than half politics.    (1V93)
 HowardMason:  HowardMason is online.    (1V94)
 SteveRay: I think we need some clarification on what M0 means. As I understand it, it is 
           not "the actual things" but rather a representation of the actual things. Right?    (1V95)
 HowardMason: BillMcCarthy noted the tension between the practical approach of standardisers 
              and the theoretical approach of standardisers.  It should be noted that 
              real industry views standardisers in the same way that he claims standardisers 
              view ontologists    (1V96)
 HowardMason: Standards bodies should not be considered as the arbiters here 
              - they are small groups of administrators driven by their member 
              organisations - the members determine the votes.    (1V97)
 BaharehHeravi: Bill, thank you for your interesting presentation. I guess I need 
                to consult you later regarding my PhD research if it is OK with you.    (1V98)
 SteveRay: I'd like to let everyone know that registration for the face-to-face meeting is now open. 
           You can access it at http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2009#nid1V7X . 
           Please note that if you are planning on remotely attending, please don't register on the NIST site 
           - we will provide a separate means of recording your plans to attend remotely.    (1V99)
 PeterYim: The April 6~7 F2F workshop at NIST (Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA) is now open for registration 
           - see: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2009#nid1V7X ... or
           http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?OntologySummit2009/WorkshopRegistration    (1V9A)
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 JoelBender: http://www.w3.org/TR/owl2-manchester-syntax/    (1V9C)
 EvanWallace: Manchester Syntax will be part part of OWL2, but not part of the Recommendation    (1V9D)
 JoelBender: http://gellish.wiki.sourceforge.net/    (1V9E)
 EvanWallace: See http://www.w3.org/2007/OWL/wiki/Document_Overview for an explanation of    (1V9F)
 EvanWallace: how the parts of OWL2 relate to each other.    (1V9G)
 HowardMason: Gellish is being proposed by the Dutch delegation for standardisation in ISO TC 184/SC 4    (1V9H)
 EdBarkmeyer: I fully agree with what Michael was saying in response.  Axiomatic ontologies, 
              at least, allow us to clarify exactly what one party intends in a term and 
              what subset of that some other party accepts.    (1V9I)
 EvanWallace: OMG MDA is an approach.    (1V9J)
 JoelBender: ...and what language did they use?    (1V9K)
 DavidEddy: Just an observation... before the dawn of time I worked with a tool that automated 
            the enforcement of "naming standards" (this was before concepts like taxonomy & ontology 
            had entered common usage).  I observed: (1) organizations were entirely clueless 
            as to what language they used, and (2) they were equally clueless as to 
            the rules of usage of said language.    (1V9L)
 EdBarkmeyer: Nomenclature standards is still a big issue for the USArmy, although less for other armed services. 
              I regard it as misguided; because it is about what words will be used for things, without comparable 
              attention to the use of those words in the definitions of the other words.  
              It is the WordNet approach to ontology.    (1V9M)
 EdBarkmeyer: I should say that I regard "ontology" as a model that _defines_ terms, and _relates_ terms, 
              not just creates terms.    (1V9N)
 DavidEddy: Ed... yes some of this goes back to Army AR25-9... which never got off the ground.   
            Trouble w WordNet is that it deals with real words... much of the language around/in 
            information systems is never found in formal dictionaries & does not comply 
            with real language usage.    (1V9O)
 JoelBender: thank you!    (1V9P)
 DeborahMacPherson: can't get unmuted - wanted to say that to ed's point - would like to build ontologies 
                    into standards but need some help and good examples, can you point to any good examples 
                    of standards with ontologies built in?    (1V9Q)
 DeborahMacPherson: Thank you Peter, I keep looking at umbel - sorry can't get unmuted (my phone?)    (1V9R)
 PeterYim: great session ... thank you Michael, the panelists and all participants!    (1V9S)
 PeterYim: we'll be posting the audio archive in a day or two!    (1V9T)
 -- end of chat transcript --    (1V9U)

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