"Ontologies and Standards" mini-series - homepage    (2XZI)

A Joint IAOA-OOR-Ontolog mini-series of invited talks and panel discussions.    (2XZJ)

Co-championed by: Professor MichaelGruninger (University of Toronto) & Professor JohnBateman (Bremen University)    (2XZK)

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Goals and Objective    (2XZP)

This Joint IAOA-OOR-Ontolog "Ontologies and Standards" mini-series aims at fostering interactions between the ontology and standards communities, and to facilitate the application of ontologies and ontological analysis to existing and emerging standards.    (2YP1)

Through this series of events, we hope to share current and emerging work in: (i) Standards that contain ontologies, (ii) Standards related to the ontology lifecycle, and (iii) using ontologies to augment and harmonize standards.    (2YP2)

The mini-series is co-championed by Professor MichaelGruninger (University of Toronto) and Professor JohnBateman (Bremen University), who among their other roles, co-chair the Standardization Coordination Committee of IAOA.    (2YP3)

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