Antony Galton    (1YBE)

Antony Galton, PhD
Reader in Knowledge Representation
University of Exeter
UK    (1YBF)

See:    (1YBG)

I was trained in Mathematics and Philosophy and then moved into Computer Science. I currently lecture and research in Computer Science at the University of Exeter, UK. where I have worked mainly in Knowledge Representation, with a focus on temporal and spatial issues. I have a particular interest in ontological problems arising in geographical knowledge representation.    (1YBH)

Recent ontological activities:    (1YMU)

- Invited speaker at FOIS 2006 (title of talk: "On What Goes On: The Ontology of Processes and Events")    (1YMV)

- Best Paper Award (with Zena Wood) at FOIS 2008 (title of talk: "A New Classification of Collectives")    (1YMW)

- On editorial board of Applied Ontology    (1YMX)

- Member of temporary Executive Council of International Association for Ontology and its Applications    (1YMY)

- Programme chair, FOIS 2010    (1YMZ)