Ontolog Forum OWL 2 (session-1) - Professor Ian Horrocks - Thu 2010.07.29    (2F4B)

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This is the first of two back-to-back sessions devoted to the "newly" adopted OWL 2 standard. In this session, Professor IanHorrocks (co-chair of the W3C OWL 2 Working Group) will focus on telling us what this Web Ontology Language (OWL) standard, adopted less than a year ago (27 Oct 2009 to be exact), is all about. Professor Horrocks will start by providing some background on OWL, then explains what is new in OWL 2. He will go on to explain how each of the three OWL 2 Profiles (OWL 2 EL, OWL 2 QL & OWL 2 RL) are defined, and what they are best suited for. Participants are welcome to come find out or discuss other aspects of OWL and OWL 2. We will have ample time for an open Q & A and general discussion after Professor Horrock's presentation on the OWL 2 standard.    (2F97)

The second session of this mini-series, a panel discussion on "OWL 2: Tools and Applications," will be featured next week (same time next Thursday). Please make sure you come join us then. See details at: ConferenceCall_2010_08_05    (2F98)

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	PeterYim: .    (2FXI)
	Welcome to the Ontolog Forum OWL 2 (session-1) - Professor IanHorrocks - Thu 2010.07.29    (2FXJ)
	* Topic: "OWL 2: The Next Generation"    (2FXK)
	* Presented by: Professor IanHorrocks (co-chair, W3C OWL 2 Working Group; University of Oxford)    (2FXL)
	Please refer to details on session page at: 
	http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2010_07_22    (2FXM)
	.    (2FXN)
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	IanHorrocks: The presentation will be (much) shorter this week, so there will be plenty of time for 
	discussion.    (2FXW)
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	DougFoxvog: I lost sound    (2FY9)
	IanHorrocks: Me too -- either that or everyone went very quiet    (2FYA)
	IanHorrocks: Peter -- unmute yourself!    (2FYB)
	PeterYim: can you hear me now?    (2FYC)
	LeoObrst: Peter: Everyone but Ian and I are muted: and no sounds except us!    (2FYD)
	IanHorrocks: No!    (2FYE)
	Rex Brooks: We can hear you Ian.    (2FYF)
	PeterYim: I can hear you, Ian ... I will advance the slides on your prompt    (2FYG)
	LeoObrst: Peter, I had disconnected, but at the time only Ian and I could hear each other. I'm 
	assuming everyone can hear now.    (2FYH)
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	ToddSchneider: Ian, can you provide some references to the research referred to in "Research has now 
	shown how some restrictions can be overcome"?    (2FYM)
	PeterYim: for those who are not using your real names, kindly morph into your real name (WikiWord 
	format preferred) so we can properly attribute your contributions ... try not to use initials, or 
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	PeterYim: we are holding off Q&A until *after* the presentation ... feel free to capture question on 
	this chat board while the presentation is in progress    (2FYO)
	ToddSchneider: Ian, later could you explain the use of UML in the OWL 2 specification?    (2FYP)
	BrianHaugh: Does OWL2 support multi-media objects, such as audio, images, and video?    (2FYQ)
	Cui Tao: Can we define a new data type by referring or mapping it to a pre-defined data type such as 
	an ISO data type?    (2FYR)
	BrianHaugh: How well do reasoners support reasoning with the content of annotations?    (2FYS)
	DougFoxvog: This treatment of "punning" would then prevent rules like 
        "If ?SPECIES isa EndangeredSpecies & ?PREY isa ?SPECIES & ?HUNTER isa LicencedHunter and ?HUNTER kills ?PREY, then ..."    (2FYT)
	Cui Tao: Ian, could you refer us some examples of annotation of annotations? Is it some sort of 
	reification?    (2FYU)
	AlanRector: Slide 15: Manchester Syntax error? 
        "...that isPartOf CirculatorySystem" --> "...that isPartOf _some_ CirculatorySystem"    (2FYV)
	Cui Tao morphed into Cui Tao    (2FYW)
	DougFoxvog: An annotation of an annotation would include providing a timestamp and author of an 
	annotation.    (2FYX)
	Cui Tao: Yes. I meant how that is done in OWL2. Is it through reinfication?    (2FYY)
	ToddSchneider: Ian, could you define 'saturation' in the context your using it?    (2FYZ)
	TomRuss: Are there any plans to add a standard query language to OWL? Especially one that allows for 
	asking queries that return tuples rather than just single individuals. In other words, something 
	that goes beyond DL Query.    (2FZ0)
	BrianHaugh: How is bi-directional RDF mapping supported for OWL 2 with assertion annotations, when 
	RDF does not support assertion annotations?    (2FZ1)
	PeterYim: @Ian - since I don't have "voice", would you be kind enough to moderate the Q&A, please?    (2FZ2)
	PeterYim: ALL: please press the "hand button" (at lower right) and queue yourself up to make a 
	remark    (2FZ3)
	PeterYim: ALL: note that questions captured on the chat should be looked at as "placeholders" ... 
	please queue up to verbally discuss those questions or issues    (2FZ4)
	PeterYim: again - to unmute, press "*3" (make sure you are heard, and identify yourself please, 
	before asking your question) ... after you're done, please go back to "mute" again with a "*2"    (2FZ5)
	JimRhyne: What's next for OWL? How will the recent meeting on RDF next steps influence OWL?    (2FZ6)
	DougFoxvog: Metareasoning exists & is performed in Cyc.    (2FZ7)
	JoelBender: (re: IanHorrocks' verbal response to my question for a reference on the reasoning 
	technique that uses saturation of the axioms - the 2009 IJCAI paper by Yevgeny Kazakov of Oxford on 
	Consequence-driven Reasoning) Ah! Found it! Thank you... http://code.google.com/p/cb-reasoner/    (2FZ8)
	TerryLongstreth: @Joel- Thanks!    (2FZ9)
	Paul Hermans: Thank you    (2FZA)
	Mike Hewett: Very nice talk.    (2FZB)
	FrankChum: Thank you, Great talk!    (2FZC)
	PeterYim: Great presentation ... thank you VERY much, Professor Horrocks!    (2FZD)
	PeterYim: @ALL: we'll look forward to having all of you back here next weeks for the "OWL 2: Tools and Applications" panel session, 
        see: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?ConferenceCall_2010_08_05 
        ... drop me a note (rsvp to <peter.yim@cim3.com>) if you are coming and haven't registered yet, please.    (2FZE)
	PeterYim: @ALL: again, if what we do at ONTOLOG aligns well with your professional interest, 
        join the community if you are not already a member of Ontolog 
        - see: http://ontolog.cim3.net/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?WikiHomePage#nid1J    (2FZF)
	PeterYim: bye, everyone ... .talk to you again next week!    (2FZG)
	LeoObrst: By, all!    (2FZH)
	PeterYim: -- session ended: 12:03pm PDT --    (2FZI)
    -- end of chat session --    (2F9H)

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