Ontolog invited Speaker Presentation - Mr. James Bryce Clark - Thu 2008.03.13    (17XW)

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Title: Practical lurches towards semantic interoperability: standards mash-ups in production and in development    (1AFZ)

Mr. James Bryce Clark will provide a report, from the open standards domain, on some of the current battlefronts in the Knowledge Representation war to retrofit meaning into electronic artifacts. These are intended as a set of pointers and indications of some virtuous activities, but not necessarily a comprehensive dive into the projects. They include:    (1ACO)

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James Bryce (Jamie) Clark, Director of Standards Development for OASIS, is a senior executive for the largest international open standards consortium for e-business. He is responsible for supervising the operations of 60 global expert technical committees across a wide range of Internet topics including security, web services, e-commerce and e-government. He is a frequent speaker and invited expert on e-business, open standards and automated contracting, recently including presentations in Beijing, Brussels, Delhi, Geneva, the Hague, Helsinki, London, New York, Seoul, Santa Clara, Vancouver, Vienna and Washington D.C.; he also continues to write for legal finance journals.    (1AGA)

Clark is an e-commerce and information technology attorney who served as chairman of the American Bar Association's business law subcommittee on electronic commerce (for two terms) and its first e-privacy committee. He began his practice as a financing and corporate restructuring lawyer with one of Wall Street's largest firms in New York, and shifted into work with high technology companies in the later 1990's. Prior to joining OASIS, he was vice president and general counsel of a e-commerce consultancy, and a corporate partner in a Los Angeles law firm.    (1AGB)

While a practicing attorney, he was a contributor to the original ebXML project (now ISO 15000), co-editor of its business process standards in 2001, and chairman of that project's Joint Coordinating Committee. At the request of the US State Department, he also has served as US delegate to the UN's electronic commerce law panel (UNCITRAL, WG IV) since 2000.    (1AGC)

Clark holds JD and BSc degrees from the University of Minnesota, and is based in Los Angeles.    (1AGD)

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DeborahMacPherson: Hi - can you please provide brief overview of "common soup pot" between 
                   OASIS, Open Geospatial Consortium OGC, and National Building Information 
                   Modeling Standard NBIMS? Which (potentially) common elements are 
                   most important to focus on today? 

PeterYim: Great talk, Jamie! ... Would you provide us a synopsis of 
          the OASIS IPR regime as you have it now, please?

PeterYim: I would also like to make several remarks, ref. 
          (a) Ontolog and OASIS, 
          (b) a view that Ontologies could be our next generation standards, and 
          (c) our attempt and experience with trying to provide input to the UN/CEFACT CCTS

JamieClark: Thanks, Peter:  further thought would be most welcome regarding methods and tools 
            that may help discover and refine the meaning & data models underlying various 
            XML standards, and help interrogate them against real-world production use cases.  

PeterYim: Thank you very much, Jamie!

PeterYim: Thanks, everyone ... bibi

JamieClark: Great job, Peter, thanks again for your facilitation, and thank you 
            to everyone for your participation.    (1BET)

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