OntologySummit2012: Session-06 - Thu 2012-02-16    (34LI)

Summit Theme: OntologySummit2012: "Ontology for Big Systems"    (34LJ)

Track (4) Title: Large-Scale Domain Applications    (34LK)

Session Topic: Large-Scale Domain Applications - Energy, Government and Geography    (34LL)

Session Chair: Dr. SteveRay (CMU) and Dr. TrishWhetzel (NCBO; Stanford) - intro slides    (34LM)

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Large-Scale Domain Applications - I : Energy, Government, and Geography    (34O5)

This is our 7th Ontology Summit, a joint initiative by NIST, Ontolog, NCOR, NCBO, IAOA & NCO_NITRD with the support of our co-sponsors. The theme adopted for this Ontology Summit is: "Ontology for Big Systems." The event today is our 6th virtual session.    (34O6)

The principal goal of the summit is to bring together and foster collaboration between the ontology community, systems community, and stakeholders of some of "big systems." Together, the summit participants will exchange ideas on how ontological analysis and ontology engineering might make a difference, when applied in these "big systems." We will aim towards producing a series of recommendations describing how ontologies can create an impact; as well as providing illustrations where these techniques have been, or could be, applied in domains such as bioinformatics, electronic health records, intelligence, the smart electrical grid, manufacturing and supply chains, earth and environmental, e-science, cyberphysical systems and e-government. As is traditional with the Ontology Summit series, the results will be captured in the form of a communiqué, with expanded supporting material provided on the web.    (34O7)

The large-scale domain applications track will help to ground the discussions in the other tracks and bring key challenges to light by describing current large-scale systems and systems of systems that either use, or could use, ontologies in their deployment. "Large-scale" can mean either very large data sets, very complex data sets, federated systems, highly distributed systems, or real-time, continuous data systems. Examples of large data sets might include scientific observations and studies; complex data sets could be technical data packages for manufactured products, or electronic health records; federated systems could include information sharing to combat terrorism, highly distributed systems includes items such as the smart electrical grid (aka Smart Grid), and real-time systems include network management systems. Of course, some big systems might include all five aspects.    (34O8)

Today’s speakers will describe experiences in adapting ontology technology for the smart grid, civilian and military government systems, and applications in geography. Conversely, some of the presentations will discuss their experiences in adapting existing more traditional models to be amenable to ontological treatment. Each presentation will try to highlight what systems engineering or operational functions were impacted by the use of ontology, and how. These examples have been chosen to help ground the discussions in the other summit tracks of where ontology could or should be used.    (34O9)

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