Ontolog invited Speaker Presentation - Duane Nickull - Thu 2005-02-17    (57H)

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This presentation is divided into two distinct parts, the latter building of the first. Session one is designed to promote a discussion around what Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) really is. Many people are talking about SOA and most define it by relating it to a concrete implementation such as web services. The session justifies a new approach chartered by the OASIS SOA Reference Model Technical Committee to define SOA abstract of any specific implementation. If SOA is architecture, as the name implies, it must be definable as architecture and distinct from other architectural models. A look at some of the basic concepts and common elements of all SOA's and a preliminary attempt to distill out those elements into a SOA reference model will likely be a stimulating topic. Ontologist's point of view will be appreciated.    (58O)

The second topic addresses the world of tomorrow. There is a lot of talk about what SOA can enable and what ontological work may enable. The second session invokes thoughts of a world where both concepts are ubiquitous and looks at what is possible by adding in other concepts such as Event - Causality programming, the Blackboard AI pattern over a distributed SOA infrastructure and how mechanical intelligence could be bestowed upon applications that someday may acquire true cognitive capabilities.    (58P)

As Senior Standards Strategist for Adobe Systems, Duane Nickull is responsible for managing Adobe’s participation in OASIS and UN/CEFACT, as well as ensuring that Adobe’s enterprise solutions support emerging XML standards. Previously Mr. Nickull co-founded Yellow Dragon Software Corporation, a privately held developer of XML messaging and metadata management software, recently acquired by Adobe.    (58Y)

Mr. Nickull currently serves as a Vice Chair of the United Nations Centre for Facilitation of Commerce and Trade (UN/CEFACT) where he oversees the United Nations Electronic Business strategy and architecture. He has served as the project team lead of the United Nations (UN/CEFACT) eBusiness Architecture Group, a technical advisor to the UN/CEFACT – OASIS Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) and a specially appointed liaison between the W3C, UN and OASIS standards consortia. Additionally, Duane has served as the chair for the United Nation’s Electronic Business Working Group, a direct sub-group of CEFACT TMG and on the CEFACT TMG Steering Committee. He also has served as the Co-lead of the ebXML Technical Architecture group as well as co-editor of that specification starting in 1999.    (58Z)

Mr. Nickull has been called Mr. SOA by his peers during introductions to speak on the subject due to his overwhelming experience writing and contributing to the major Service Oriented Architectures (SOA’s). He is currently chairing the OASIS SOA Technical Committee which is in the process of establishing a global standard reference model for Service Oriented Architectures.    (590)

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