Tommi Karhela    (34Y8)

Prof. Tommi Karhela is a Research Professor and leader of the Computer Simulation Technology research team at the System Research knowledge center of VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland). Karhela joined VTT 1996 and received his Ph.D. (Tech) degree at Helsinki University of Technology in 2002. Doctoral thesis was titled “A Software Architecture for Configuration and Usage of Process Simulation Models”. Prior to joining VTT, Karhela has worked short periods at CERN Geneva, Technology Center of Sandvik-Tamrock and Theoretical Research Center of Physics at Helsinki University. Karhela’s current research interests include process simulation, semantic data modeling and software architectures. Many of the research and development results of the computer simulation technology team has been package into a open source software called Simantics (see    (34Y6)