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To: Mary Kay Blantz From: Ontolog Community Date: January 20, 2005 Subject: Feedback on ebXML Core Component Technical Specification v2.01 Mary Kay, This comprises the Ontolog Community's response to your call for review of the Core Component Technical Specification (CCTS) v2.01. We are making two recommendations: 1) That the CCTS include a normative statement of relationship to a formal upper ontology and that any areas of redundancy and ambiguity be resolved. 2) That we establish more formal working relationships between our two communities. Ontolog ( is an open, international, virtual community of practice working on business domain ontologies. To date, it has over 100 members from more than 13 countries. The community was convened as an offshoot of the OASIS UBL effort in 2002 to:    (YZ)

Attachments This memo: [filename] CCT-Ontology Mapping Worksheet: [filename] Also available at [???] Explicit Semantics for Business Ontology Presentation: EIDX-20041201-AP-PY.ppt Also available at A Case for the Ontological Expression of E-Business Standards: EIDX-20041201-KC-GN-RS.pdf Also available at -------------------- End Draft /s/ kwc 2005.01.20 12:57    (ZR)