Stephen J. Granite    (1WO6)

Director, Database & Software Development
The Johns Hopkins University Institute for Computational Medicine

email: {nid 1WO7}

Stephen Granite is the Director of Database and Software Development
at The Johns Hopkins University Center for Cardiovascular Bioinformatics and Modeling.
He received a BS in Biology, with a dual major in Finance, from Harvey Mudd College.  
He has an MS in Computer Science with a focus in Bioinformatics and an MBA in Competitive Intelligence, both from The Johns Hopkins University.  

He is the Project Manager of the Cardiovascular Research Grid (CVRG; Project
and primarily focuses on the infrastructure and deployment of the electrophysiological aspects of the CVRG.  

Prior to his current position, Stephen served as a Staff Bioinformatician at the National Institutes of Health Intramural
Sequencing Center, providing and developing Bioinformatics tools utilized in the Comparative Vertebrate Sequencing Initiative
and the Mammalian Gene Collection Program.    (1ZS7)