UoM_Ontology_Standard: First OASIS QUOMOS TC Meeting - Thu 21-Jan-2010    (260V)

Conference Call Details    (260W)

Agenda:    (2654)

1. Roll call to determine TC membership. To become a member at the first meeting, you must:    (2659)

2. Election of chair - from nominations made by Voting members    (265B)

3. Review of OASIS TC process, IPR policy and PR policy    (265D)

4. Review of TC charter (statement of purpose, goals, deliverables, schedule, etc.).    (265E)

5. Vote on any standing rules for the TC    (265G)

6. Appointment of officers - volunteers appreciated    (265I)

7. Discussion and acceptance of contributed work    (265K)

8. Definition of work programme    (265L)

9. Requirements for web site    (265M)

10. Future meeting schedule, hosts    (265O)