Philip Murphy    (3ES5)

Founder & CEO, InfoHarvest, Inc.

Sr Research Analyst, Redlands Institute

email: Philip.Murphy [at]    (3ES6)

At the Redlands Institute I'm the chief modeler and research analyst for the desert tortoise spatial decision support (SDS) / adaptive management system in development with CEC and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). I'm engaged in research and technology development, and serve as senior project manager/PI for a number of large, multi-year projects with the USFWS, Department of Defense / Army Corps of Engineers, california Energy Commission and other state and federal agencies.    (3ES7)

Current research interests include spatial workflow automation, uncertainty estimation for complex spatial computation systems, conceptual modeling and decision support for public participation. ... ( source: )    (3ES8)

I'm also a founding member of the Spatial Decision Support Consortium, run by my colleague NaicongLi and of which Jano (KrzysztofJanowicz) is a key member. The Consortium's main product (to date) is the SDS - and interactive online ontology for spatial decision support.    (3ESE)

My biggest interest is in leveraging ontologies to define, support and explain applied spatial workflow systems that people use every day.    (3ESF)