Joint NCBO-OOR Workshop: "BioPortal and OOR Synergies" - Tue 29-Nov-2011    (2YPA)

Topic: "OOR Architecture & API Workshop-IX: BioPortal & OOR Synergies"    (2YPB)

Session Co-chairs: Professor KenBaclawski and Dr. ToddSchneider    (2Z0Z)

Discussant: Dr. Ray Fergerson [ slides ]    (2ZIW)

Abstract    (2ZFI)

Topic: "OOR Architecture & API Workshop-IX: BioPortal & OOR Synergies"    (2ZFJ)

This workshop will examine the current differences between BioPortal and OOR requirements and draft architecture and address the plan of action to extend BioPortal to satisfy the OOR requirements.    (2ZFK)

The session will revolve around the following two subjects:    (2ZFL)

1. BioPortal - OOR Differences: Current & Future    (2ZFM)

2. How to extend BioPortal to meet OOR Goals    (2ZFN)

Agenda Proceedings    (2ZFO)

Archives:    (2ZFP)

1. Meeting called to order:    (2ZFS)

2. Roll Call:    (2ZFW)

3. Key items for review and discussion today:    (2ZFZ)

Topic: "OOR Architecture & API Workshop-IX: BioPortal & OOR Synergies"    (2ZG0)

3.1 "BioPortal - OOR Differences: Current & Future" - (RayFergerson et al.)    (2ZG1)

3.2 "How to extend BioPortal to meet OOR Goals" - (All)    (2ZG2)

3.3 Discussion Notes    (2ZGB)

3.4 Transcript of the online chat during the session    (2ZGC)

 see raw transcript here.    (2ZGD)
 (for better clarity, the version below is a re-organized and lightly edited chat-transcript.)
 Participants are welcome to make light edits to their own contributions as they see fit.    (2ZGE)
    -- begin of chat session --    (2ZGF)
	PeterYim: Welcome to the    (2ZKA)
	 = Joint NCBO-OOR Workshop: "BioPortal and OOR Synergies" - Tue 29-Nov-2011 =    (2ZKB)
	Topic: "OOR Architecture & API Workshop-IX: BioPortal & OOR Synergies"    (2ZKC)
	Session Co-chairs: Professor KenBaclawski and Dr. ToddSchneider    (2ZKD)
	Discussant: Dr. Ray Fergerson    (2ZKE)
	Session page:    (2ZKF)
	Phone keypad controls: To un-mute, press "*7" ... To mute, press "*6"    (2ZKG)
	 == Proceedings: ==    (2ZKH)
	anonymous morphed into Gilberto Fragoso    (2ZKI)
	MikeRiben: mike riben listening in on skype    (2ZKJ)
	MikeRiben: not sure I have a mic    (2ZKK)
	PeterYim: Hi Michael    (2ZKL)
	anonymous morphed into CarlosRueda    (2ZKM)
	anonymous morphed Deanna Marino    (2ZKN)
	anonymous morphed into PaulCourtney    (2ZKO)
	anonymous morphed into TrishWhetzel    (2ZKP)
	ToddSchneider: For those not familiar with OOR requirements or goals, please ask.    (2ZKQ)
	ToddSchneider: OOR high level requirements: Storing, Management, Governance of Ontologies & Related 
	Items; Discovery / Searching Ontologies; Scalable (Parallelism, Federation); Multi-Language Support; 
	Arbitrary Knowledge Domain; Platform Independent    (2ZKR)
	anonymous morphed into LinePouchard    (2ZKS)
	LinePouchard: Q about searches: it seems that Boolean searches are not supported for term searches. 
	Are there plans to support this?    (2ZKT)
	LinePouchard: What does it take to make it a big requirement?    (2ZKU)
	TrishWhetzel: Hi Line - would you like to submit this as a feature request?    (2ZKV)
	LinePouchard: Sourceforge bug tracking, sounds good, thanks.    (2ZKW)
	LinePouchard: Trish, yes I would like to.    (2ZKX)
	TrishWhetzel: Ok, I'll submit this as a feature request and as Ray mentioned we'll get this into the 
	development cycle. If you come across any other feature requests or bug reports, feel free to send 
	these to our user support mailing list:    (2ZKY)
	ToddSchneider: Eric, I see your 'hand' is up. Do you have a question for Ray?    (2ZKZ)
	Eric S. Chan: Do you consider using an ontology for reification of notes, discussions, reviews, 
	etc., that can be attached to the Biomedical Ontology? Peter Yim and I had suggested OASIS ICOM 
	ontology ( for 
	reification of collaborative contents in OOR.    (2ZL0)
	ToddSchneider: Eric, can we ask your question when Ray is done with his presentation?    (2ZL1)
	Eric S. Chan: yes, I can ask the question during the Q/A    (2ZL2)
	ToddSchneider: Ray, don't encourage the use of UML.    (2ZL3)
	PeterYim: @ALL: for everyone's information Michael Gruninger who champions our OOR-Metadata 
	workshop, is planning one on Dec-13 ... there is plan to invite HaroldSolbrig (Mayo) over to talk 
	about their recent ontology metadata "crosswalk" study, which, among others, included OMV, CTS2. ... 
	Please mark your calendars ... we'll look forward to having you at the session on Tue 2011.12.13
        see development details at:    (2ZL4)
	MikeBennett: On notes and annotations, are the bioportal notes ontology items aligned with or 
	reusing concepts in SKOS that relate to notes?    (2ZL5)
	ToddSchneider: Mike's query raises an interesting capability, the ability to sufficiently 
	distinguish the domains covered by a particular ontology repository (to support distributed 
	queries).    (2ZL6)
	ToddSchneider: Carlos, did you want to ask Ray?    (2ZL7)
	CarlosRueda: My question is just about a topic already in the agenda: "how to extend BioPortal"    (2ZL8)
	TrishWhetzel: While not limited to ontology repositories, but geared more towards the content of 
	triple stores, there is an effort to catalog the contents of triple stores via the dbcatalog group,    (2ZL9)
	PeterYim: great session ... thank you, Ray, Todd, Ken and All!    (2ZLA)
	PeterYim: -- session ended: 10:02am PST --    (2ZLB)
    -- end of chat session --    (2ZGG)

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5. Any Other Business:    (2ZGL)

6. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:    (2ZGM)

 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2011.11.29-___am PST
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (2ZGR)

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